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Monday, 13 February 2012 14:36

Scientific Research Work

Research Work of the Department.

Research works on the following themes were carried out:

  • ""A Financial and Budgetary Policy in the Conditions of Economy's Reformation" (state register № 0103U000829);
  • ""An Increase of Efficiency of Forming and Financial Resources Use in the Conditions of Transformational Changes in the Economy of Ukraine" (state register № 0105U002133);
  • ""Financial Market of Ukraine: Features of Development in the Conditions of Euro integration Processes" (state register № 0108U000731.);
  • ""Financial - economic Strategy of Permanent Development in Economy of Ukraine" (state register № 0109U002271);

Research work is carried out after a theme:

  • ""A modeling of instrument combinations of financial market for the financial providing of housing projects for young scientifically - pedagogical personnel" (state register № 0111U002351 according to a state order).

9 Candidate's theses are defended, 8 persons got the scientific rank of associate Professor, 1 person - a professor, 4 persons work at Doctoral theses in the result of research work.

The teachers of the department published 51 scientific articles in professional editions, more than 100 theses at international, Ukrainian scientific conferences during the last two years.

The basic scientific publications of professor - teaching body in the recent 3 years of Department are:

  1. Rural Depressed Territories of Polese: features of development and sanation: (monograph) / Under general edition of М. О. Baranovskij, V.І. Kutsenko. Nizhyn: publishing House NSU named after М. Gogol, 2010. - 315 p. (Zelenska О. О., Zelenskij S.М. - parts).
  2. Fiscal Adjusting of State Economic Development in Post-crisis Period / Under edition of Phd, prof. А.D. Danilov : monograph. Kyiv: "ИКС LTD.", 2011. - 242 p. (Kovalenko L.O., Abakumenko О.V.-parts)
  3. Integration of Ukrainian Higher Education in European and World Educational Space: Economic Dimension. Kaleniuk І.S., Gonta О.І.,Verbovyi М. P., Holiavko N.І. : Monograph / Under edition of Kaleniuk І.S., Doctor of Economics, professor -Chernihiv : EC "Деснянська правда", 2011. - 165 p.
  4. Strategy of Permanent Development in the Context of Economic Security of Ukraine: monograph / Under edition of Kovalenko L.O. Chernihiv:CSIEM, 2011. (Abakumenko О.V., Zelenska О. О., Zelenskii S.М., Kovalenko L.O., Litovchenko M.V., Lukiashko P.O., Мargasova V.H., Marchenko N.А., Міhieienko Т. V., Rogovyi А.V.-parts ).
  5. Мargasova V.H., Rogovyi А.V. Reformation of the Tax System as a Component of Providing
  6. Economic Security of the Region / Reformation of the tax system of Ukraine :monograph / the Under general edition of Azarov М.I., Мargasova V.H., Rogovyi А.V. Kyiv: Ministry of Finance of Ukraine, 2011. - 720 p.

Actions which were carried out jointly with enterprises:

  1. Round table on a theme "Contentment of Necessities of Labor-market in the Skilled Specialists of Insurance Business", 01.VIII.2011. (Chernihiv, CDIEM)
  2. Two working meetings of representatives of Chernihiv Regional Service of Employment, insurance companies of the Chernihiv region and Department of Finance of the Chernihiv State Institute of Economics and Management were conducted.
  3. Seven working meetings were conducted with the leaders of insurance companies of Chernihiv and Department of Finance of CSIEM.

Scientific Schools of the Department

Scientific school is "Economic Principles of Higher Educational Development in the Conditions of United European Educational Space Forming" (scientific leader - DES, professor Kaleniuk І.S.)

Scientific school is in direction of research "Forming and Improvement of Financial Policy in the Conditions of Transformational Changes of Ukrainian Economy " (scientific leader -PhD, professor Kovalenko L.O.)

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