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Monday, 20 February 2012 12:21

Scientific Research Work

Scientific Research Work

Scientific research work is carried out in accordance with Laws of Ukraine “On higher education”, “On education”, “On foundations of public policy in the field of science and scientific and technical activity”, “State higher educational establishment regulations”.

Scientific research activity embraces the actual problems of Geodesy, Land Management and applied introduction of geoinformatic systems. The main purpose of the sscientific researches of the department is improvement of geodetic researches methods, cartographing, grounding the feasibility of state geodetic borders concentration; the analysis of current methods of topographical and geodetic supply of cadaster; taking into account the atmosphere impact on geodetic measurements; upgrading the exactness of geodetic measurements applying the modern technologies and devices; application of modern GNSS technologies to define the coordinates and to completing the cadaster survey; photogrammetry devices application for digital maps making; application of GIS-technologies in geodetic and cadaster production.

Research areas:

  • Methods of laying the permanent GPS-net of Northern region of Ukraine;
  • Studies of the exactness of geodetic measurements in cadaster works;
  • Carrying out the qualitative appraising of non-agricultural lands as a part of cadastre;
  • Working out and introduction of land’s fertile regime regulation and its cartographical and analytical appraising in terms of agricultural condition;
  • Monitoring of the water resources of Ukraine using digital methods and GPS;
  • Working out the methods of appraising and privatisation the land;
  • Methology of regional GIS construction;
  • Monitoring of ecological conditions with of GIS-technologies;
  • Monitoring of rational nature use with of GIS-technologies;
  • Application of geoinformation technologies and DSS for appraising the land;
  • Working out the hydrometrical securing of hydrological ;
  • Working out the intellectual system of training computer studies to use geodetic measurements;
  • Solving the geodetic problem of rational land use.

Scientific research themes:

  • “Modern satellite technologies in solving local problems of land and cadaster” the theme has been completed on the account of General state budget fund since 01.2011, according to Supplement to the Order of MON of Ukraine from 30.11.2010. Registration number 0111U002363.
  • “The design of the permanent GPS-stations of Northern region of Ukraine”
  • “Application of geoinformation systems in tasks on electromagnetic compatibility prognostication”
  • “Studies of conditions and transformation of hydro resources applying new technologies”
  • “Analysis of possible application of free software (FS) for the needs of automatic system of State Land Cadastre”
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