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Department of Economic Theory

Department of Economic Theory (4)

Head of the Chair: Tropina Valentyna Borisovna is a Doctor of Economics, professor

Address: 14034, Chernihiv, Striletska st. 1, room 214 (building 1)

Telephone: (0462) 5-32-78, 4-07

The department of Economic Theory was created 01.03.1995. Yurij Volodymyrovych Kyryliuk, Candidate of economic sciences, associate professor headed the department till 01.10.2010.Valentyna Borisovna Tropina ,Doctor of Economics, Professor headed the department from 01.10.2012 .

The department of Economic Theory provides fundamental preparation of bachelors in Economics and Business which is a basis for forming of modern type of economic thought, creates pre-conditions for free choice in professional direction. Such types of educational work are conducted for preparation of specialists with the necessary level of knowledge by the teachers of department as : lectures, hands-on training; seminars ; individual work with students; consultations in educational disciplines during a semester; examination consultations, checking and acceptance of control (including module) works from a curriculum; guidance of defense and term papers; tests; semester examinations; state examinations in "Economic Theory"; preliminary examinations is to post-graduate studies; guidance of graduate students; guidance of graduants.

Present professor - teaching body of the department has sufficient scientific-methodical training and experience in professional activity, increasing level of lectures as main form of studies, activating of hands-on training and seminars as effective forms of knowledge fastening , assignment of necessary abilities and skills, development of creative capabilities of students, by means of business games introduction.

Attention to the complex methodical providing of educational disciplines of department is paid at department constantly such as : preparation of textbooks, train aids, development of scientific-methodical work materials on realization of all types of lessons and other manuals, which foresee the use of the most expedient forms and teaching methods, rational connection of methodical receptions, effective use of modern educational techniques and laboratory equipment.

The department researches for to the major theoretical, socio-economic and scientific and technical problems are carried out.

High-quality selection, preparation and refresher training of scientifically-pedagogical personnel ; organization and control of studies of graduate students, work of graduants ; study, generalization and distribution of experience of the best teachers; assignment of help to the young teachers in mastering of pedagogical skills is inalienable part of department work.

Professor - teaching body of the department examines that criticizes of graduate students and graduants in specialization 08.00.03 ( Economy and Management - national Economy). For period of existence departments defended candidate's theses: О. V. Grabovets, L.M. Мekshun, І.А.Kosach, С.М. Кonstantinova, Н.О. Кostevits, Т.V. Кoropartnik, І.B.Chudnovets, О. О. Romashkin, М.Y. Demchenko, N.І. Holiavko, which continued the teaching activity in the Institute.11 graduate students and 6 graduants are longimented at the department in 2011-2012 academic year .



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Chernigiv State Institute of Economics and Management was created with the order of the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine dated September 19, 1994 №641.

Ліцензія Міністерства освіти і науки України серія АГ № 582542 (рішення ДАК від 28 вересня 2011 року, протокол № 90)

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