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Tourism Department

Tourism Department (4)

Head of Tourism Department: candidate of economic sciences, associate professor Koval Petro Fedorovych

Address: 14034, Chernihiv, 1 Striletska Street, room 204 (building 1)

Telephone number (0462) 5-32-78, internal number 4-96

The Tourism Department was set up within the Faculty of Management in 2005. The accreditation of this educational trend was obtained in 2007 (Resolution of the State Accreditation Commission of 26, June 2007, the minutes № 67). The licence for training 120 Bachelors of Tourism, including 60 full-time students and 60 correspondence ones, was obtained.

There have been 4 graduations of Bachelors: 79 persons including 30 ones by the government order since 2008.

Since 1, September 2011 the speciality of “Tourism” has been included in the newly established Faculty of Nature Management and Tourism. At present there are 236 students of “Tourism” speciality, including 72 by to the government order.

Since 2003there have been set up the methodological basis and a complex of laboratories meeting the established state standards of training specialists of this educational trend. The members of the teaching staff have sufficient methodological background and professional experience; upgrade their professional skills according to the requirements of the Ministry of Education and Science that combined with the methodological and information support enable providing high-quality education.

The Tourism Department, where training of Bachelors is taking place, closely cooperates with Chernihiv Regional Culture and Tourism Administration, Chernihiv Investment and Tourism Municipality, National architectural-historical park “Ancient Chernihiv”, Kyiv University of Tourism, Economics and Law; Chernihiv College of Economics and Technology, Chernihiv municipal and regional centres of touristic and health promotion work with children and youth; the Public Association of the Municipal Public Rescue Service “SOS”, Federations of sport and rural (green) tourism etc.

The Faculty of Nature Management and Tourism of CHSIEM train specialists mostly for the enterprises and companies of Chernihiv region. The agreements with the enterprises and companies are worked out in accordance with the established forms. The initial positions, which the “Tourism” speciality graduates can hold are:

  • company executives in the recreation, culture and sports fields;
  • managing staff of local bodies of government authority;
  • key specialists of research divisions;
  • travel consultants, travel and tourism managers;
  • specialists of various aspects of tourism activities.

Tourism specialists can perform the following functions:

  • the evaluation of recreation and tourism potential of the areas, the level of their acceptable exploitation for tourism purposes;
  • the evaluation of tourism business material and technical basis;
  • business-planning of tourism enterprises’ organization and activity;
  • consulting support of financial and economical activity of enterprises in tourism, hospitality and recreation fields;
  • regional and international tourist service markets assessment;
  • tourism business organization and management in the region;
  • regional tourism product creation (routing design documentation management, arranging new itineraries application);
  • human resource management at tourism enterprises;
  • positive regional tourism image promotion;
  • developing marketing strategy of regional tourism product promotion.

We should also mention that “Tourism” speciality students are the only ones in the region, who study two foreign languages. Special professional training is provided by the skilled teaching staff of the Tourism Department. The theoretical subjects’ teaching is provided by the doctors and candidates of sciences (PhDs) of the faculty and other departments of the institute.



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