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Department of industrial and civil construction

Department of industrial and civil construction (4)

Head of Department: Sergey V. Zavatskyi - candidate of physical and mathematical sciences.

Address: 14034, Chernihiv, Belova st., 4 room.308 (building.6 / 3)

Tel: (0462) 671152 extention.419

Department of "Industrial and civil construction" was established under the rectors order № 111 from 01.09.2006, and began to function on 01.09.2006.

The department graduates for professions:

  • 6.060101 "Construction" qualification "Bachelor of Construction" of the licensed capacity of 50 persons to receive degree of bachelors;
  • 7.06010101 "Industrial and civil construction," qualification "engineer" of the licensed capacity of 50 persons receiving the degree of specialists.

The department trains part-time students.

The profession - civil engineer

Civil engineer - a man-maker who puts all his power, knowledge, experience to improve the comfort and well-being.

What does a civil engineer do? Engineer at construction - a foreman or master who runs the building and civil works, installation of structures, controls the quality.

In project organizations engineers perform work on complex design: architectural, structural parts (electrical, heating and ventilation, water supply and sewerage, weak current systems - telephone, fire alarm, TV-supervision etc.). In addition, they develop master plans of designed systems, which include roads, trenching, organize construction works.

The range of the builders activity is very wide - in addition to construction of buildings, industrial complexes, factories, they design bridges, waterworks, dams, dams involved in the repair, reconstruction and restoration of buildings and so on.

The Specific of profession of civil engineer:

Design engineer, in addition to direct planning, deals with field supervision: travels to sites over which the company operates and monitors the quality of the work.

Where civil engineers work:

To start a career in the construction industry is not difficult: competition is low, demand for professionals is high. Graduats have two options - to do the design work or go to the building. Experienced experts believe that for a successful career is worse to try both.

The main tasks of the department are:

  • organization and implementation of high-level academic , scientific and technical disciplines of the department, to apply educational work among students, to do scientific profile research ;
  • training of scientific personnel and their skills improvement;
  • training highly qualified specialists who have deep theoretical and practical knowledge in the sector.



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