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DEPARTMENT of Geodesy, Cartography and Cadaster

DEPARTMENT of Geodesy, Cartography and Cadaster (4)

Department Head: TereshchukOleksiiIvanovych, associate professor, (PhD in Technical Sciences), professor

Address: Chernihiv, Belov str., 4 , 6/3, R.202

Tel. +38(0462) 671-150

E-mail: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

The department of Geodesy, cartography and cadaster was founded in 2008 on the basis of “Land and Cadaster” and “Geoinformatics Geodesy” departments. For the time being the chair graduates specialists in the following fields:

  • Bachelor of Geodesy, cartography and cadaster;
  • Specialist of Geodesy, cartography and cadaster;
  • Specialist of Geoinformation systems and technologies.

Teachers of the department give lectures, conduct practical and laboratory classes on Geodesy, Land mapping, Cartography and Cadaster, Mathematical methods in geodetic measurements, Geoinformation systems and technologies, supervise diploma and course projects, organize summer geodesy practice.

The chair is equipped with modern geodetic and data devices: theodolites, dumpy level,taheometer,plane table, kiprigelGPS-receivers, photogrammetry “Delta” station, stereo devices, up to date software. There are also three computer classes and many other necessary appliances and devices used in class or during laboratory works.

The classes are mostly held in specialized rooms and laboratories, computer classes equipped with devices to handle field topographical data, air photomapping etc. Total area of classrooms is about 400m².

The department has got post graduate studies department and there are three post graduates who get ready their dissertation papers here.

In 2012 the department set up The upgrading qualification courses for Cadastral Engineers who are responsible for observing law requirements while completing the licensed works. The most experienced teachers and specialists from production land management establishments and organizations.

During the training, manufacturing,beforethethesispractices the students gain skills in operating all available devices used in mathematical methods of geodetic measurements on site and to get practice in mathematical processing the database and making up geoinformation models. Apart from the traditional optical devices, the students master the modern electronic ones – tachometers, levels, electronic tape-lines, GPS – receivers, advanced modern technologies and software.

The staff of the department of Geodesy, cartography and cadastr has worked out Method guides for getting ready course and diploma papers. Diploma projecting is held on the basis of real current production data of the local, regional and district land resources, advanced agrosystems. Many of the diploma projects are completed according to the manufacture’s request. The scientific results of the researches are applied in practice.

The staff of the Geodesy, cartography and cadastral department organizes a yearly competition aimed at choosing the best geodetic team “Geofortuna”. It usually takes place in “Fortuna” sports recreation camp at a training –geodetic ground. It has become a very nice tradition to engage students in all kinds of upbringing and training activities within the competition.

Each year the Head of the department together with its staff prepare and carry out the Yearly Scientific Practical Conferences “The innovativeachievements of Geodesy, Geoinformatics and land management – European Experience”. The results of the conference are always published in the “Collection of scientific abstracts”.

Traditionally there are scientific practical Students’ and Teachers’Conferences at the department. The best reports prepared by the students are supervised by the skilled professors of the department. Every year our studentteamstake part in All-Ukrainian Subject Olympic games and win the first prizes among the student teams of High Schools.

In order to improve professional training of the students and to enlarge international links the department has got in touch and signed Agreements on cooperation with Varminsk – Masursk University (Olshtyn, Poland), University of Applied Sciences (Neubranderburg, Germany); Geodesy, Topography and Cartography Scientific Research Institute (Prague, Czech Republic), and Petersburg State Transport University (S. Petersburg, Russia). Since 2005 the above mentioned educational establishments exchange groups both of students and professors during the summer training practice within this Agreements. They study modern geodesy technologies and, devices, go on excursions round the areas and take part in all kinds of entertaining programs.

There are also Agreements on cooperation between ChSIEM and Kyiiv National Construction and Architecture University, with “Lviv Polytechnics” National University and with KryvyiRih National Technical University. The Agreements above were signed in order to improve the quality of training future specialists in the fields of Geodesy, Cartography and Cadaster.

The department of Geodesy, cartography and cadaster faces the tasks of improving both teaching and training processes,updating teaching and methodic literature, development of training material basis, training young scientific staff and enlarging scientific links.



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