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The department of water supply and waste water

The department of water supply and waste water (4)

The head of the department: V.I. Shevel – Candidate of Technical sciences

Department address: 4, Belova str. Chernihiv 14034, educational block № 6/3, st.309

Tel. +38(0462231230), internal 445, fax. +38 (0462-671-201)

In accordance with the rector’s order № 202 dated June,10,2003 the department of water supply and waste water was created and has begun to function from the 1st or September,2003 (excerpt from the decision S.A.C., protocol № 45 dated June,10,2003) and it is the final in the specialty “water supply and waste water” and carries out the training of personal for engineering systems’ exploitation for water supply of populated localities, buildings, enterprises, hydromelioration systems, protection systems from harmful action of water, water resources, providing control’s state for using and water resources’ protection.

The department of water supply and waste water provides advanced training for specialists. Bachelor of the educational qualifying level in the branch of knowledge 0601 “Building and architecture” in the direction of preparation 6.060103 “Hydraulic engineering (water resources)” and the classification bachelor technologist-hydraulic engineer” the qualification level’s specialist’s in the branch of knowledge 0601 “Building and architecture” in the specialty 7.06010108 “water supply and waste water” for the qualification of “Engineer-Builder” in water supply and waste water.

There is a correspondence course at the department, it is the final in the educational qualifying level: bachelor and specialist.

Additional information:

Professorial and teaching staff of the department of “Water supply and Waste water” consists of 16 members dated September 1, 2011. Among them: professors – 4, doctors of engineering – 2, Candidate of Technical sciences – 1, candidate of pedagogical sciences – 1. associate professors – 5 (Candidates of Technical sciences – 4, Candidates of physical and mathematical sciences – 1, Candidates of Technical sciences – 1, senior lecturers – 3, assistants - 3).

There is one post-graduate student and two compettors at the department. The main task of the department is:

  • organization and realization at the high level of the educational and scientific methodological work on discipline of department educational work among the students, carrying out scientific researches on the department profile;
  • preparation of scientific and pedagogical personnel and their professional development;
  • preparation of high level’s specialists which own profound theoretical and practical knowledge in the relevant branch.


In accordance with the rector’s order № 202 dated June, 10, 2003 the “water supply and waste water” was founded at the “Engineering building” faculty in 2003 and has been functioning from September,1, 2003 (excerpt from decision S.A.C., protocol № 45 from June,10,2003) where the head of the department has become Shevel I.V. who worked over 25 years as the chief of regional management of water management, had an extensive experience of practical and scientific work, understood society problems on providing with pure water and environment preservation. V.I. Shevel performed considerable organizational work and managed to find enthusiasts adherents, skilled and creative teachers at this department.

Providing the population with the pure drinking water which has not been polluted by a waste of the various enterprises, turned into a problem in the past century. Today this problem is connected with many question, which can and should solved by the higher school, by the way of qualitatively new training specialists. First of all in this preparation will be considered both technical and ecological and that is especially necessary today – public and psychological activity’s aspects of future specialists.

Considering problems on financing and ineffective fulfillment of the State Program of industrial wastes using and consummation for the period till 2005 (where 54 measures have left without introducing in consequence of insufficient financing, but 55 of them were introduced and 89 were prepared to the introducing), it’s necessary to realize own role and to learn to solve regional problems independently to the population of each region. As it is known in Chernihiv region a significant amount of projects on protection of environment in connection with insufficient financing isn’t realized. The beautiful river Strizhen in the city centre is turning into a bog, and all of these problems are before citizens’ eyes among them are both skilled and well-founded. And those who can care environment preservation, to make their contribution to investment of ecological projects.

Probably the time has come to entering for all technical and economic specialties the adapted course “equipment and theoretical bases of water-supply and wastewater”. Special attention pay to practical training at the relevant specialized enterprises. Such preparation allows to approach each specialist to the feasible participation in the solution of the vital problems connected with preservation of water resources for present and future generations.

Considering continuous achievements of techniques and technologies on water clarification on the one hand, and emergence of a various waste – on the other one, it is necessary to carry out training of specialists at the modern level, using the latest publications and close connection with the organizations which have practical experience.

Nowadays skilled lecturers understand the importance of this direction and their responsibility in training of specialists and therefore they try to fulfill their duties and to overcome numerous difficulties of the organizational period. The department cooperates with the home organizations maintaining relations with open joint-stock company VAT Chernihiv build, Chernihiv water canal, Desnianskiy management of water resources, Public administration of ecology and natural resources in Chernihiv region with the purpose of further improvement of educational process and increasing of educational and methodical level of teaching, disciplines.

One of the priority activities of water-supply and wastewater department is a scientific work with students. Scientific and degree theses works of students prepared under the direction of department lecturers take the first places at all Ukrainian competitions.

The best graduates are recommended for entering in the post-graduate study and the are the potential of further department development.

The staff of the “Water supply and Wastewater” department consists of skilled lecturers and the perspective youth which have the appropriate scientific plans.



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