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Banking Department

Banking Department (4)

Department Head: Nikolaenko Juri Volodymyrovych, associate professor, (PhD in Economics) 
Address: Chernihiv, Striletska str., 1, R.221
Tel. +38 ( 0462 ) 5-32-78 (4-75)
E-mail: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it
The department of Banking functions as a unit of Financial Economical Faculty of Chernihiv State Institute of Economics and Management. For the time being the department graduates specialists in the following fields:
Bachelor of Finance and Credit;
Specialist of Banking.
The department of Banking was founded on May, 25 in 2000. The first Department Head was DemchenkoMaksymJuriiovych, a senior teacher and he worked till the March of 2003.
From 2003 till 2008 the department was headed by KychkoIrynaIvanivna, associate professor, (PhD in Economics).
Since 2008 the department has been headed byNikolaenkoJuriVolodymyrovych, associate professor, (PhD in Economics).
The department of Banking of Chernihiv State Institute of Economics and Management is one among state High educational establishments that graduates specialists in the field of Banking both at full-time and extra mural faculties. There is also a post diploma Banking department for those who have high education in some other field. The graduates of the department can work not only at banks but also in the fiscal establishments, in insurance offices etc.
The first and foremost principle of training future specialists in Banking is the junction of theory and practice. During the practical classes, trainings on-job training a student gets professional skills combined with and based on theoretical knowledge.
There is a training bank “ACADEM - BANK” in the Institute. It is equipped with the modern office furniture and PCs, a set of special programs that altogether allows modeling real activity of a bank and use interactive forms of conducting classes, draw the teaching process nearer to the real functioning of a bank and assists upgrading the level of teaching a student.
The virtual “ACADEM - BANK” was founded in 2000 as a training bank that functions in the real time regime. The functioning of “ACADEM - BANK” is provided by the “ICAOD - BANK” system which is used in many banks of Ukraine and is aimed at automazation of wide rangeofbusiness processes and financial instruments of a bank.
The main task of the training bank is organizing practical preparation of a future specialist according to modern requirements of banks and financial credit establishments and supplying students with modern information technologies and appropriate method software during the training practice. Using the program “CLIENT - BANK” introduced at the working places of the bank, students can project a distance model of banking service, carry out payments and and other operations with money basing upon distance orders of virtual clients, get strategical decisions on the level of top managers and try themselves as employees of a operation, credit, deposit, currency departments etc.



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