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Кафедра іноземних мов

Кафедра іноземних мов (4)

Head of Department: Hahina Nataliia Viktorivna – Candidate of Pedagogics, associate professor.
Address: Chernihiv, Striletska st., 1
Telephone: 04622-532-78

The Department of Foreign languages was founded in 2002 (by the order № 202 from 10.06.2003). After being separated from the Department of German and Slavic languages it became an independent unit.
The work of the Department is effectuated according to the academic plans embracing educational, methodological, educative, research, translation and other activities. The discussions on realization of these plans and other problems take place at the Department meetings. English, German, French and Latin are taught at the Department.

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Кафедра аграрних технологій

Кафедра аграрних технологій (4)

Head of the Department: Kanivets Victor Ivanovych - Doctor of Agricultural Sciences in Soil science, Professor of Microbiology.

Address: 1 Striletska street, room 127, 126, Chernihiv, 14033

Telephone: (04622) 5-32-78, extension 411, 412.

The Department was established in 2004 specializing in Agronomy. It has a multifield structure with Soil science, Agriculture and Plant-growing subdivisions, fundamental subjects – Botany and Chemistry.

There are chemical and microbiological laboratories, rooms of Botany, Plant-growing, Soil science and Geology, Mechanization of agrarian production, the herbarium consisting of numerous meadow herbs, weeds and trees, the museum of soil types (life-size samples– soil types of Chernihiv oblast, horizontal samples of soil types – of Eurasia). Laboratory facilities of Agrochemistry and Radiobiology of Chernihiv center "Oblderzhrodiuchist" and laboratory facilities of Agricultural microbiology and Virology of Institute of Agricultural Microbiology of NAAS are used on terms of collaboration.
2 candidate dissertations have been defended, one of the lecturers has got the title of Associate Professor.

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Кафедра банківської справи

Кафедра банківської справи (4)

Department Head: Nikolaenko Juri Volodymyrovych, associate professor, (PhD in Economics) 
Address: Chernihiv, Striletska str., 1, R.221
Tel. +38 ( 0462 ) 5-32-78 (4-75)
E-mail: kafedra_bs@bigmir.net
The department of Banking functions as a unit of Financial Economical Faculty of Chernihiv State Institute of Economics and Management. For the time being the department graduates specialists in the following fields:
Bachelor of Finance and Credit;
Specialist of Banking.
The department of Banking was founded on May, 25 in 2000. The first Department Head was DemchenkoMaksymJuriiovych, a senior teacher and he worked till the March of 2003.
From 2003 till 2008 the department was headed by KychkoIrynaIvanivna, associate professor, (PhD in Economics).
Since 2008 the department has been headed byNikolaenkoJuriVolodymyrovych, associate professor, (PhD in Economics).
The department of Banking of Chernihiv State Institute of Economics and Management is one among state High educational establishments that graduates specialists in the field of Banking both at full-time and extra mural faculties. There is also a post diploma Banking department for those who have high education in some other field. The graduates of the department can work not only at banks but also in the fiscal establishments, in insurance offices etc.
The first and foremost principle of training future specialists in Banking is the junction of theory and practice. During the practical classes, trainings on-job training a student gets professional skills combined with and based on theoretical knowledge.
There is a training bank “ACADEM - BANK” in the Institute. It is equipped with the modern office furniture and PCs, a set of special programs that altogether allows modeling real activity of a bank and use interactive forms of conducting classes, draw the teaching process nearer to the real functioning of a bank and assists upgrading the level of teaching a student.
The virtual “ACADEM - BANK” was founded in 2000 as a training bank that functions in the real time regime. The functioning of “ACADEM - BANK” is provided by the “ICAOD - BANK” system which is used in many banks of Ukraine and is aimed at automazation of wide rangeofbusiness processes and financial instruments of a bank.
The main task of the training bank is organizing practical preparation of a future specialist according to modern requirements of banks and financial credit establishments and supplying students with modern information technologies and appropriate method software during the training practice. Using the program “CLIENT - BANK” introduced at the working places of the bank, students can project a distance model of banking service, carry out payments and and other operations with money basing upon distance orders of virtual clients, get strategical decisions on the level of top managers and try themselves as employees of a operation, credit, deposit, currency departments etc.

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Кафедра вищої математики

Кафедра вищої математики (4)

Head of the chair: Sidin Eduard Pylypovych, a candidate of technical sciences, associate professor.

Address: 14033, Chernihiv, Striletska st. 1, room 208 (building 1)

Telephone: (0462) 5-32-78

The Department of Higher Mathematics was formed on the basis of Department of Humanities and Natural Sciences, which was in the structure the Chernihiv State Institute of Economics and Management was created on 1.XII.1994 Surovets Volodymyr Vasylovych, a Candidate of technical sciences, headed the department .Staff of the department having common perspective tasks united 23 teachers(1 Doctor of sciences,7 candidates of sciences,3 senior teachers,12 teachers)which performed their educational work at a high level.(approximately 20000 hours a year in 17 disciplines) and had considerable scientific and pedagogical achievements.

Reorganization of Department with the forming of new Departments was conducted in September, 1997. The decision about organization of Department of Higher Mathematics and Economic-mathematical Methods was made at the meeting of Academic Council of the Institute 27.V.1999.

The Department of Higher mathematics and Economic-mathematical Methods was renamed and the Department of Higher Mathematics appeared in X.2003.

45 % of teachers of the Department have scientific degree and scientific rank.Such teachers got the scientific rank of a Candidate of sciences: 2003 –Yurchenko M.Y.,a candidate of physico-mathematical sciences (Kyiv State University named after Т.H. Shevchenko), 2007 -Trunova О. V.,a candidate of pedagogical sciences (National Pedagogical University named after М P.Dragomanov) in the last few years.

The department of higher mathematics provides fundamental preparation of specialists for all students of the Institute, further professional activity of which requires application of exact methods of quantitative analysis, deployment of mathematical methods and models, applications.

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Кафедра водопостачання та водовідведення

Кафедра водопостачання та водовідведення (4)

The head of the department: V.I. Shevel – Candidate of Technical sciences

Department address: 4, Belova str. Chernihiv 14034, educational block № 6/3, st.309

Tel. +38(0462231230), internal 445, fax. +38 (0462-671-201)

In accordance with the rector’s order № 202 dated June,10,2003 the department of water supply and waste water was created and has begun to function from the 1st or September,2003 (excerpt from the decision S.A.C., protocol № 45 dated June,10,2003) and it is the final in the specialty “water supply and waste water” and carries out the training of personal for engineering systems’ exploitation for water supply of populated localities, buildings, enterprises, hydromelioration systems, protection systems from harmful action of water, water resources, providing control’s state for using and water resources’ protection.

The department of water supply and waste water provides advanced training for specialists. Bachelor of the educational qualifying level in the branch of knowledge 0601 “Building and architecture” in the direction of preparation 6.060103 “Hydraulic engineering (water resources)” and the classification bachelor technologist-hydraulic engineer” the qualification level’s specialist’s in the branch of knowledge 0601 “Building and architecture” in the specialty 7.06010108 “water supply and waste water” for the qualification of “Engineer-Builder” in water supply and waste water.

There is a correspondence course at the department, it is the final in the educational qualifying level: bachelor and specialist.

Additional information:

Professorial and teaching staff of the department of “Water supply and Waste water” consists of 16 members dated September 1, 2011. Among them: professors – 4, doctors of engineering – 2, Candidate of Technical sciences – 1, candidate of pedagogical sciences – 1. associate professors – 5 (Candidates of Technical sciences – 4, Candidates of physical and mathematical sciences – 1, Candidates of Technical sciences – 1, senior lecturers – 3, assistants - 3).

There is one post-graduate student and two compettors at the department. The main task of the department is:

  • organization and realization at the high level of the educational and scientific methodological work on discipline of department educational work among the students, carrying out scientific researches on the department profile;
  • preparation of scientific and pedagogical personnel and their professional development;
  • preparation of high level’s specialists which own profound theoretical and practical knowledge in the relevant branch.


In accordance with the rector’s order № 202 dated June, 10, 2003 the “water supply and waste water” was founded at the “Engineering building” faculty in 2003 and has been functioning from September,1, 2003 (excerpt from decision S.A.C., protocol № 45 from June,10,2003) where the head of the department has become Shevel I.V. who worked over 25 years as the chief of regional management of water management, had an extensive experience of practical and scientific work, understood society problems on providing with pure water and environment preservation. V.I. Shevel performed considerable organizational work and managed to find enthusiasts adherents, skilled and creative teachers at this department.

Providing the population with the pure drinking water which has not been polluted by a waste of the various enterprises, turned into a problem in the past century. Today this problem is connected with many question, which can and should solved by the higher school, by the way of qualitatively new training specialists. First of all in this preparation will be considered both technical and ecological and that is especially necessary today – public and psychological activity’s aspects of future specialists.

Considering problems on financing and ineffective fulfillment of the State Program of industrial wastes using and consummation for the period till 2005 (where 54 measures have left without introducing in consequence of insufficient financing, but 55 of them were introduced and 89 were prepared to the introducing), it’s necessary to realize own role and to learn to solve regional problems independently to the population of each region. As it is known in Chernihiv region a significant amount of projects on protection of environment in connection with insufficient financing isn’t realized. The beautiful river Strizhen in the city centre is turning into a bog, and all of these problems are before citizens’ eyes among them are both skilled and well-founded. And those who can care environment preservation, to make their contribution to investment of ecological projects.

Probably the time has come to entering for all technical and economic specialties the adapted course “equipment and theoretical bases of water-supply and wastewater”. Special attention pay to practical training at the relevant specialized enterprises. Such preparation allows to approach each specialist to the feasible participation in the solution of the vital problems connected with preservation of water resources for present and future generations.

Considering continuous achievements of techniques and technologies on water clarification on the one hand, and emergence of a various waste – on the other one, it is necessary to carry out training of specialists at the modern level, using the latest publications and close connection with the organizations which have practical experience.

Nowadays skilled lecturers understand the importance of this direction and their responsibility in training of specialists and therefore they try to fulfill their duties and to overcome numerous difficulties of the organizational period. The department cooperates with the home organizations maintaining relations with open joint-stock company VAT Chernihiv build, Chernihiv water canal, Desnianskiy management of water resources, Public administration of ecology and natural resources in Chernihiv region with the purpose of further improvement of educational process and increasing of educational and methodical level of teaching, disciplines.

One of the priority activities of water-supply and wastewater department is a scientific work with students. Scientific and degree theses works of students prepared under the direction of department lecturers take the first places at all Ukrainian competitions.

The best graduates are recommended for entering in the post-graduate study and the are the potential of further department development.

The staff of the “Water supply and Wastewater” department consists of skilled lecturers and the perspective youth which have the appropriate scientific plans.

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Кафедра геодезії, картографії та землеустрою

Кафедра геодезії, картографії та землеустрою (4)

Department Head: TereshchukOleksiiIvanovych, associate professor, (PhD in Technical Sciences), professor

Address: Chernihiv, Belov str., 4 , 6/3, R.202

Tel. +38(0462) 671-150

E-mail: kaf-gis@yandex.ru

The department of Geodesy, cartography and cadaster was founded in 2008 on the basis of “Land and Cadaster” and “Geoinformatics Geodesy” departments. For the time being the chair graduates specialists in the following fields:

  • Bachelor of Geodesy, cartography and cadaster;
  • Specialist of Geodesy, cartography and cadaster;
  • Specialist of Geoinformation systems and technologies.

Teachers of the department give lectures, conduct practical and laboratory classes on Geodesy, Land mapping, Cartography and Cadaster, Mathematical methods in geodetic measurements, Geoinformation systems and technologies, supervise diploma and course projects, organize summer geodesy practice.

The chair is equipped with modern geodetic and data devices: theodolites, dumpy level,taheometer,plane table, kiprigelGPS-receivers, photogrammetry “Delta” station, stereo devices, up to date software. There are also three computer classes and many other necessary appliances and devices used in class or during laboratory works.

The classes are mostly held in specialized rooms and laboratories, computer classes equipped with devices to handle field topographical data, air photomapping etc. Total area of classrooms is about 400m².

The department has got post graduate studies department and there are three post graduates who get ready their dissertation papers here.

In 2012 the department set up The upgrading qualification courses for Cadastral Engineers who are responsible for observing law requirements while completing the licensed works. The most experienced teachers and specialists from production land management establishments and organizations.

During the training, manufacturing,beforethethesispractices the students gain skills in operating all available devices used in mathematical methods of geodetic measurements on site and to get practice in mathematical processing the database and making up geoinformation models. Apart from the traditional optical devices, the students master the modern electronic ones – tachometers, levels, electronic tape-lines, GPS – receivers, advanced modern technologies and software.

The staff of the department of Geodesy, cartography and cadastr has worked out Method guides for getting ready course and diploma papers. Diploma projecting is held on the basis of real current production data of the local, regional and district land resources, advanced agrosystems. Many of the diploma projects are completed according to the manufacture’s request. The scientific results of the researches are applied in practice.

The staff of the Geodesy, cartography and cadastral department organizes a yearly competition aimed at choosing the best geodetic team “Geofortuna”. It usually takes place in “Fortuna” sports recreation camp at a training –geodetic ground. It has become a very nice tradition to engage students in all kinds of upbringing and training activities within the competition.

Each year the Head of the department together with its staff prepare and carry out the Yearly Scientific Practical Conferences “The innovativeachievements of Geodesy, Geoinformatics and land management – European Experience”. The results of the conference are always published in the “Collection of scientific abstracts”.

Traditionally there are scientific practical Students’ and Teachers’Conferences at the department. The best reports prepared by the students are supervised by the skilled professors of the department. Every year our studentteamstake part in All-Ukrainian Subject Olympic games and win the first prizes among the student teams of High Schools.

In order to improve professional training of the students and to enlarge international links the department has got in touch and signed Agreements on cooperation with Varminsk – Masursk University (Olshtyn, Poland), University of Applied Sciences (Neubranderburg, Germany); Geodesy, Topography and Cartography Scientific Research Institute (Prague, Czech Republic), and Petersburg State Transport University (S. Petersburg, Russia). Since 2005 the above mentioned educational establishments exchange groups both of students and professors during the summer training practice within this Agreements. They study modern geodesy technologies and, devices, go on excursions round the areas and take part in all kinds of entertaining programs.

There are also Agreements on cooperation between ChSIEM and Kyiiv National Construction and Architecture University, with “Lviv Polytechnics” National University and with KryvyiRih National Technical University. The Agreements above were signed in order to improve the quality of training future specialists in the fields of Geodesy, Cartography and Cadaster.

The department of Geodesy, cartography and cadaster faces the tasks of improving both teaching and training processes,updating teaching and methodic literature, development of training material basis, training young scientific staff and enlarging scientific links.

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Кафедра гуманітарних дисциплін

Кафедра гуманітарних дисциплін (3)

The Department of Humanities was founded September, the 1 1994.
The Head of the Department is Sutrin V.D., Candidate of Philosophy, associate professor.
Address: Chernihiv, Striletska st., 1, building 2, room 306
Telephone of Head: 5-60-64 intern. 492;
Telephone of senior assistant: 5-60-64 intern. 451.
E-mail: gumanitarna@yandex.ua

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Кафедра економічної кібернетики та iнформатики

Кафедра економічної кібернетики та iнформатики (4)

Department Head: Huriev Volodymyr Ivanovych, candidate of technical sciences (PhD in Technical Sciences), associate professor

Address: Chernihiv, Stryletska St., 1 (map on-line)

Tel. (046-22) 5-32-78, internal number 4-43


The department of Economic Cybernetics and Computer Science was established by the order № 101 of September, the 1st, in 2008 in accordance with the Academic Council’s decision (the minutes № 06/08 of August, the 28th, in 2008) about the rearrangement of the department of Economic Cybernetics and the department of Computer Science. In general, the department has got through some stages of the development. In 1993, being composed of Chernihiv Institute of Regional Economics and Management it was established the department of Econometrics and Computer Science, which was the starting point for the institute’s development in this scientific way.

The department was headed by V.P. Maslov, candidate of technical sciences, associate professor. The department included: E. A. Trapeznikova, candidate of economic sciences, A.A. Klymenko, lecturer, O.V. Zlobina, senior lecturer, A.O. Rozinko, lab assistant, O.M. Ustimenko, lab assistant. In 1994 the department became a subdivision of Chernihiv State Institute of Economics and Management. At that moment there were 20 computers in the disposal of the department. In 1996, in connection with the rearrangement of training subdivisions of the institute, the department was renamed into the department of Information Systems and Technologies. Heads of the department were V.P. Maslov, candidate of technical sciences, associate professor, B.I. Sukhovirskyi, candidate of technical sciences, associate professor, the 1st rector of ChSIEM and V.I. Huriev, candidate of technical sciences, associate professor.

In 2003 from the department of Information Systems and Technologies it was separated the department of Economic Cybernetics. Ye. C. Parniakov, doctor of technical sciences, professor, was appointed to head the department. At that moment the department included I.S. Skiter, candidate of physical and mathematical sciences, M.Ye. Yurchenko, candidate of physical and mathematical sciences, L.M. Klintsov, candidate of technical sciences, O.V. Trunova, candidate of pedagogical sciences, A.H. Hrebennyk, lecturer. Nowadays the department graduates Bachelors of Arts and specialists in Economic cybernetics, and secures gaining of advanced knowledge in different trends of computer science, computer hardware, information systems and technologies by the students of all specialities.

Training hardware

The training process is secured by the computer science laboratory headed by O.V. Zlobina. The undergraduates and graduates in Economic cybernetics work as lab assistants and technicians. There are 15 of them. Now there are 214 computers in the disposal of the department, 18 computer classrooms. In general there are 360 computers. Computer classrooms are equipped with up-to-date software. Since 1997 the institute has connected to the Internet and it puts our computer web into the global information space, and it mostly expands dataware of the training.

Computer technologies are used in the following ways:

  • to upgrade a typical lecture and seminar form of training;
  • to perform set tasks, lab works, course papers (yearly projects), degree work by the students;
  • to use special training software and applications to gain advanced knowledge in certain academic subjects;
  • to gain proficiency in real software and applications to use them in practice in manufacture or at the establishments and enterprises;
  • local information system on the basis of Intranet.

International cooperation

Faculty members often participate in international conferences and seminars, such as:

  • International conference “Mathematical and Imitational Simulation of Systems. MODS”, Institute of mathematical machines and systems problems, Kyiv; and others.

In 2009-2010 the department members participated in design of international project “Information system to support scientific research partnership network: Interregional scientific portal “The problems of Chernobyl disaster consequences overcoming: fundamental research and practical realization”.



  • training trend 0305 “Economics and business”, first cycle of higher education, bachelor of art in Economic cybernetics (6.030502);


  • training trend 0305 “Economics and business”, second cycle of complete higher education, specialist in Economic cybernetics (7.03050201).

Speciality “Economic cybernetics” was established in 1998 with licensed capacity of 50 students.


The current number of students:

  • 82 full-time students
  • 6 part-time students

Since the department was established there have been 7 graduations of 218 full-time specialists in Economic cybernetics

Prospective students

Specialists in Economics and Economic cybernetics are trained in working at the enterprises, establishments and for organizations in all fields of economy and patterns of ownership, and also in the government at all levels. Job positions: mathematician-economist, economist-analyst, information analyst, system analyst, programmer-analyst, information system designer, applications designer, Web-programmer, network administrator, software maintenance specialist, software and information security specialist, information technologies counselor, information technologies manager, information manager, project manager.

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Кафедра економічної теорії

Кафедра економічної теорії (4)

Head of the Chair: Tropina Valentyna Borisovna is a Doctor of Economics, professor

Address: 14034, Chernihiv, Striletska st. 1, room 214 (building 1)

Telephone: (0462) 5-32-78, 4-07

The department of Economic Theory was created 01.03.1995. Yurij Volodymyrovych Kyryliuk, Candidate of economic sciences, associate professor headed the department till 01.10.2010.Valentyna Borisovna Tropina ,Doctor of Economics, Professor headed the department from 01.10.2012 .

The department of Economic Theory provides fundamental preparation of bachelors in Economics and Business which is a basis for forming of modern type of economic thought, creates pre-conditions for free choice in professional direction. Such types of educational work are conducted for preparation of specialists with the necessary level of knowledge by the teachers of department as : lectures, hands-on training; seminars ; individual work with students; consultations in educational disciplines during a semester; examination consultations, checking and acceptance of control (including module) works from a curriculum; guidance of defense and term papers; tests; semester examinations; state examinations in "Economic Theory"; preliminary examinations is to post-graduate studies; guidance of graduate students; guidance of graduants.

Present professor - teaching body of the department has sufficient scientific-methodical training and experience in professional activity, increasing level of lectures as main form of studies, activating of hands-on training and seminars as effective forms of knowledge fastening , assignment of necessary abilities and skills, development of creative capabilities of students, by means of business games introduction.

Attention to the complex methodical providing of educational disciplines of department is paid at department constantly such as : preparation of textbooks, train aids, development of scientific-methodical work materials on realization of all types of lessons and other manuals, which foresee the use of the most expedient forms and teaching methods, rational connection of methodical receptions, effective use of modern educational techniques and laboratory equipment.

The department researches for to the major theoretical, socio-economic and scientific and technical problems are carried out.

High-quality selection, preparation and refresher training of scientifically-pedagogical personnel ; organization and control of studies of graduate students, work of graduants ; study, generalization and distribution of experience of the best teachers; assignment of help to the young teachers in mastering of pedagogical skills is inalienable part of department work.

Professor - teaching body of the department examines that criticizes of graduate students and graduants in specialization 08.00.03 ( Economy and Management - national Economy). For period of existence departments defended candidate's theses: О. V. Grabovets, L.M. Мekshun, І.А.Kosach, С.М. Кonstantinova, Н.О. Кostevits, Т.V. Кoropartnik, І.B.Chudnovets, О. О. Romashkin, М.Y. Demchenko, N.І. Holiavko, which continued the teaching activity in the Institute.11 graduate students and 6 graduants are longimented at the department in 2011-2012 academic year .

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Кафедра маркетингу

Кафедра маркетингу (4)

Head of Department: candidate of economic sciences, associate professor Yurii M. Karpenko

Tel. (04622) 5-60-64 Ext. 483

E-mail: kaf_market@geci.cn.ua

Marketing is art and science of finding, preserving and nurturing of customers.

Marketing tools are used in different fields and industries, so marketing is a business philosophy today.

The Marketing Department of Chernihiv State Institute of Economics and Management established in 2000 are providing basic training in the specialty of "Marketing", educational qualifications are "bachelor" and "specialist".


Our future specialists are able to undergo practical training at leading enterprises of our region and Ukraine. The Department works closely with industrial, commercial, financial enterprises, in particular: marketing company "Fresh family", company "Vivat distribution", electrical company "PROMSERVIS", JSC CB "PrivatBank", Public Joint Stock Company "Raiffeisen Bank Aval", Advertising and Production Enterprise "Bitline", Shoe Factory "Berehynia", the insurance company "PZU Ukraine".

Graduates of the "marketing" speciality can work as:

  • marketing analyst (in the business of any specialization and activity);
  • Marketing Manager;
  • marketing economist;
  • Brand Manager (promotes some brands);
  • advertising manager;
  • PR manager;
  • Specialist market research

In the future our graduates are leaders of marketing services and managers of leading companies

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Кафедра менеджменту

Кафедра менеджменту (4)

Head of department: doctor of sciences on public administration, associate professor Stanislav Myhajlovych Vdovenko.

Address: Chernigiv, 4 Belova Street.

Telephone: (0462) 673-505 (4-16)

Management department was founded in 1994 in Chernigiv State Institute of Economics and Management. The Department is headed by the doctor of sciences on public administration, associate professor Stanislav Myhajlovych Vdovenko.

During the period of department existence highly qualified teaching staff was formed, 7 lecturers defended candidate thesis and got an academic rank of associate professor, 2 persons are working on doctor thesis, 6 persons are working over candidate theses.

All disciplines, embodied by the department, have full methodological ensuring which timely updated. Routine work is being constantly carried out on creation and improvement of methodical complexes of disciplines for new specialties.

Modern software products are actively used in educational process. They are: Project Expert, Project Market, MS Project, Shure Track, etc. Work on the formation of electronic synopses by specialized courses for self-study students is continuing. Course papers and diploma works are done by the students according to the order of enterprises and firms of the region.

Annually the department publishes educational textbooks and methodological notes on the disciplines of the department. Practical classes are conducted in the form of business games, modeling real-world situations, the analysis of specific problems of the enterprises of the region. At the department there is a computer class, equipped with modern personal computers and software products. Calculation of investment projects is carried out in information packets Rrimavera - Planning and project management, Marketing Expert. Course papers and diploma works are done by the students according to the order of enterprises and organizations of the region.

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Кафедра обліку і аудиту

Кафедра обліку і аудиту (4)

The Head of the Department: Candidate of Economics, senior lecturer Glyvenko Valentyna Vasylivna

Address of the department: Chernihiv, Striletska, 1; building 1, office 320

E-mail: kaf_buh@geci.cn.ua

Tel.: (04622)5-35-35(4-42)

Accounting and Audit department was established in 1994 by the rector’s order and according to the decision of the Senate of the institute. The department is one of the principal educational and scientific structural subdivisions of the institute. Later it gave birth to the Finance Department (1995) and Economic Analysis Department (2000). In 2004 Economic Analysis Department and Accounting and Audit Department were united into the Department of Accounting and Audit.

The main tasks of the Department are: organizing and carrying out educational, scientific, methodology, upbringing work among the students; guidance of the students’ research work; preparation of educational and methodology manuals; directions and specialty training of the teaching staff etc.

Accounting and Audit department is a graduation department that trains bachelors in Accounting and Audit (6.030509) and specialists in Accounting and Audit (7.03050901) and provides teaching of the following disciplines: “ Accounting”, “Accounting in the Fields of National Economy”, “Accounting in Foreign Countries”, “Accounting in Budgetary Entities”, “Accounting in Insurance Organizations”, “ Financial Accounting I”, “ Financial Accounting II”, “Tax Accounting and Reporting”, “Control and Audit”, “Audit”, “Organization and Methods of Audit”, “Management Accounting”, “Information Systems and Technologies in accounting”, “Economic Analysis”, “Accounting of Foreign Economic Activity”, “Accounting in Trade”, “Accounting in Small Business”, “Accounting and Analysis in Financial Institutions”, “ Organization of Accounting”, “Entity Reporting”, “Economic Analysis in the Fields of National Economy”, “Financial Analysis”, “Management Information Systems in Analysis and Audit”; and also the disciplines in other faculties of the institute: “Accounting”, “Audit”, “Economic Analysis” and “Financial Analysis”. The department works under the annual plans, which embrace educational, research, upbringing and methodology work according to the laws of Ukraine: “Law on Labour”, “Law on Education” , “Law on Higher Education” and regulations of Cabinet of Ukraine, Ministry of Education, Science, Youth and Sports of Ukraine and the charter of the institute.

The graduates of the department can work in different fields of economy (industry, building, trade, transport, agriculture etc.). They can hold positions of heads of divisions of accounting and economic analysis, financial accounting positions in regional managements, tax institutions, exchequer, computing centers, economic positions of scientific officers in scientific institutions and also positions of financial managers in production associations, enterprises and organizations of different forms of properties and other institutions( banks, customs etc.)

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Кафедра природокористування та техногенної безпеки

Кафедра природокористування та техногенної безпеки (4)

Head of the Department: Oleksandr M. Korma, PhD (Biology), associate professor
Address: Chernihiv, 1, Striletska Str., bldg 1, room 132
Tel.: +38(04622)566-97 extension 445

The Department was founded in 1995 by opening the specialization “Agrarian Management”. Later it gave beginning to the development of the Agrarian Faculty, which in 2011 was reorganized in the Faculty of Nature Management and Tourism and the Department – in the Department of Nature Management and Anthropogenic Safety.

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Кафедра промислового і цивільного будівництва

Кафедра промислового і цивільного будівництва (4)

Head of Department: Sergey V. Zavatskyi - candidate of physical and mathematical sciences.

Address: 14034, Chernihiv, Belova st., 4 room.308 (building.6 / 3)

Tel: (0462) 671152 extention.419

Department of "Industrial and civil construction" was established under the rectors order № 111 from 01.09.2006, and began to function on 01.09.2006.

The department graduates for professions:

  • 6.060101 "Construction" qualification "Bachelor of Construction" of the licensed capacity of 50 persons to receive degree of bachelors;
  • 7.06010101 "Industrial and civil construction," qualification "engineer" of the licensed capacity of 50 persons receiving the degree of specialists.

The department trains part-time students.

The profession - civil engineer

Civil engineer - a man-maker who puts all his power, knowledge, experience to improve the comfort and well-being.

What does a civil engineer do? Engineer at construction - a foreman or master who runs the building and civil works, installation of structures, controls the quality.

In project organizations engineers perform work on complex design: architectural, structural parts (electrical, heating and ventilation, water supply and sewerage, weak current systems - telephone, fire alarm, TV-supervision etc.). In addition, they develop master plans of designed systems, which include roads, trenching, organize construction works.

The range of the builders activity is very wide - in addition to construction of buildings, industrial complexes, factories, they design bridges, waterworks, dams, dams involved in the repair, reconstruction and restoration of buildings and so on.

The Specific of profession of civil engineer:

Design engineer, in addition to direct planning, deals with field supervision: travels to sites over which the company operates and monitors the quality of the work.

Where civil engineers work:

To start a career in the construction industry is not difficult: competition is low, demand for professionals is high. Graduats have two options - to do the design work or go to the building. Experienced experts believe that for a successful career is worse to try both.

The main tasks of the department are:

  • organization and implementation of high-level academic , scientific and technical disciplines of the department, to apply educational work among students, to do scientific profile research ;
  • training of scientific personnel and their skills improvement;
  • training highly qualified specialists who have deep theoretical and practical knowledge in the sector.

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Кафедра соціальної роботи

Кафедра соціальної роботи (5)

Head of Department: Topol Olga Vladimirovna
Address: Chernihiv, Prospect Mira 44, room number 103
E-mail: social_work0402@mail.ru
E-mail Head of Department: topololga@ukr.net
Tel: 66-95-12
Phone Dean Faculty of Law: 77-51-80.
Order №. 204 on 19 July 2001 in accordance with the decision of the Academic Council (Protocol No. 6 from 2.06.2001)
The Department of Humanities Department of Sociology "was separated and psychology. Order №. 55 of the 1.04.2005 y. in accordance with the decision of the Academic Council (protocol № 03/05 from 31.03.2005) has changed the name of the "Sociology and psychology" to "social work".
Chair of the social work Department is constant with the BA branch of knowledge "social security" 1301 the preparation 6.130102 "social work" and specialists on speciality 7.13010201 "social work".
The form of training is daytime, correspondence.
The work of the Department is carried out according to annual plans, covering training, scientific-methodological, educational, research and other kinds of works in accordance with the laws of Ukraine "on labour", "about education", "on higher education", normative acts of the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine, Ministry of education and science, youth and sport of Ukraine, statute of the Institute.
Graduates can work in public administration, information, education, social security, health, law enforcement and other areas of social activities as: sociologist, instructor, counselor, assistant, secretary in the office of government and local authorities, experts from the analysis labor market, specialist in public relations and media relations, administrative manager, inspector of social care, specialist in organizational and personnel issues, a consultant on social-political issues (in parties and social organizations), orhsekretariya (associations, unions, federations, etc. ), social worker and other areas.

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Кафедра туризму

Кафедра туризму (4)

Head of Tourism Department: candidate of economic sciences, associate professor Koval Petro Fedorovych

Address: 14034, Chernihiv, 1 Striletska Street, room 204 (building 1)

Telephone number (0462) 5-32-78, internal number 4-96

The Tourism Department was set up within the Faculty of Management in 2005. The accreditation of this educational trend was obtained in 2007 (Resolution of the State Accreditation Commission of 26, June 2007, the minutes № 67). The licence for training 120 Bachelors of Tourism, including 60 full-time students and 60 correspondence ones, was obtained.

There have been 4 graduations of Bachelors: 79 persons including 30 ones by the government order since 2008.

Since 1, September 2011 the speciality of “Tourism” has been included in the newly established Faculty of Nature Management and Tourism. At present there are 236 students of “Tourism” speciality, including 72 by to the government order.

Since 2003there have been set up the methodological basis and a complex of laboratories meeting the established state standards of training specialists of this educational trend. The members of the teaching staff have sufficient methodological background and professional experience; upgrade their professional skills according to the requirements of the Ministry of Education and Science that combined with the methodological and information support enable providing high-quality education.

The Tourism Department, where training of Bachelors is taking place, closely cooperates with Chernihiv Regional Culture and Tourism Administration, Chernihiv Investment and Tourism Municipality, National architectural-historical park “Ancient Chernihiv”, Kyiv University of Tourism, Economics and Law; Chernihiv College of Economics and Technology, Chernihiv municipal and regional centres of touristic and health promotion work with children and youth; the Public Association of the Municipal Public Rescue Service “SOS”, Federations of sport and rural (green) tourism etc.

The Faculty of Nature Management and Tourism of CHSIEM train specialists mostly for the enterprises and companies of Chernihiv region. The agreements with the enterprises and companies are worked out in accordance with the established forms. The initial positions, which the “Tourism” speciality graduates can hold are:

  • company executives in the recreation, culture and sports fields;
  • managing staff of local bodies of government authority;
  • key specialists of research divisions;
  • travel consultants, travel and tourism managers;
  • specialists of various aspects of tourism activities.

Tourism specialists can perform the following functions:

  • the evaluation of recreation and tourism potential of the areas, the level of their acceptable exploitation for tourism purposes;
  • the evaluation of tourism business material and technical basis;
  • business-planning of tourism enterprises’ organization and activity;
  • consulting support of financial and economical activity of enterprises in tourism, hospitality and recreation fields;
  • regional and international tourist service markets assessment;
  • tourism business organization and management in the region;
  • regional tourism product creation (routing design documentation management, arranging new itineraries application);
  • human resource management at tourism enterprises;
  • positive regional tourism image promotion;
  • developing marketing strategy of regional tourism product promotion.

We should also mention that “Tourism” speciality students are the only ones in the region, who study two foreign languages. Special professional training is provided by the skilled teaching staff of the Tourism Department. The theoretical subjects’ teaching is provided by the doctors and candidates of sciences (PhDs) of the faculty and other departments of the institute.

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Кафедра українознавства

Кафедра українознавства (4)

Chief of department – candidate of Philology, associate professor Liudmyla Zynevych
Address: Striletska st. 1, room 315
e-mail: kaf_ukr@geci.cn.ua
tel: (04622) 5-35-35

Being a part of Chernihiv state institute of economics and management this department was created on 1st June by the order of the chancellor № 202 from 10.06.03.
Chief of department – candidate of Philology, associate professor Liudmyla Zynevych

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Кафедра управління якістю та проектами

Кафедра управління якістю та проектами (4)

Head of Department: Sahno Yevheniy Yuriyovych, Doctor of Technics, professor

Address: 14034, Chernihiv, Belova st., 4 room 211 (building 6/3)

Telephone: (0462)3-12-30, internal 4-39

The Department was founded in 2011 by the Rector’s order № 113 from 31.08.2011 and according to the decision of the Senate of the institute. The academic staff of the Department consists of two Doctors of sciences, professors, four Candidates of sciences, associate professors, two senior lecturers.

The Department provides a postgraduate course in speciality 05.13.22 “Projects and Programs Management”.

The academic staff of the Department teaches more than 25 methodically supplied academic subjects. Practical classes take place in the form of business games, economic situations modeling and development of innovative investment projects ordered by the Chernihiv region enterprises.

In order to carry out laboratory works the Department possesses a computer classroom equipped with personal computers and modern program products on calculating the innovative investment projects in the different fields of national economy.

Students’ specialization. The Department carries out the training in the following specialities:

  1. Projects Management
  2. Quality, Standardization and Certification.

The primary positions that can be occupied by graduates in Projects Management are

  • Program or Projects Director;
  • Professional Project Manager;
  • Practicing Project Manager;
  • Head of International Projects and Programs.

The primary positions that can be occupied by graduates in Quality, Standardization and Certification are

  • Quality Control Supervisor for production;
  • State Control Supervisor (products and trade quality);
  • Standardization Expert;
  • Metrology Expert;
  • Technical Documentation Expert.

The lecturers of the Department train students for contests and scientific conferences in particular academic subjects. Yearly essays and graduation theses are made by students to order of the enterprises of the region.

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Кафедра фізичного виховання

Кафедра фізичного виховання (3)

The Head of Department: Chaly Oleksandr Serhiyovych, Candidate of Education, associate professor.
Tel.(04622) 5-90-84 inter.478
The Department provides the educational process in physical training that is an important component of youth upbringing, students’ physical, moral and psychological health, the further background for an active life and professional activity.

Technical Supply of Educational Process

In order to carry out the educational and training process the Department possesses a sports base, educational and training programs and course books with individual plans of training as well as a physical health improving complex with a large training hall, a swimming pool and saunas; two training complexes with multifunctional gyms and health improving centers; a summer health improving student camp. 
The Department carries out the educational and training process in 7 sports: football – for men; mini-football – for men; volleyball – for men and women; basketball – for men; athletics; swimming.

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Кафедра фінансів

Кафедра фінансів (4)

Head of the chair: Kaleniuk Iryna Serhiivna is a Doctor of Economics, professor

Address: 14033, Chernihiv, Striletska st. 1, room 217 (building 1)

Telephone: (0462) 5-32-78, 4-08

The Department of Finance in the structure the Chernihiv State institute of Economics and Management was created on 22.V. 1995 by an order №20.Kovalenko L.O., a Candidate of economic sciences, professor, academician of the Ukrainian academy of sciences headed the department .

A highly skilled professor - teaching body was formed, PhD theses were defended and 12 teachers got the scientific rank of associate professor, work above doctoral theses - 4 persons, above a candidate - 4 persons for period of existence of the department.

Kaleniuk Iryna Serhiivna, rector of CSIEM, Doctor of Economics, professor headed the department from September, 2010.

Basic priorities in the work of the department: educational, methodical, scientific research and organizational. Educational and methodical work of the department is directed to conditioning for upgrading of educational process, its intensification and scientific organization of pedagogical labor. Preparation and improvement of individual plans and curriculum, structurally - logical plans, methodical treatments and pointing is carried out to realization of this effect at classes at the Department of Finance. Matrix, economic - mathematical models, optimization and imitational models are actively used for teaching of financial subjects.

The important task of the department is research work, directed to development of actual issues improvement of theoretical and practical management in country's economy, adaptation of experience of foreign countries in financial sphere in relation to introduction of market mechanisms of financial and economic adjusting of relations in a transformation period.

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Кафедра цивільного, господарського та кримінального права

Кафедра цивільного, господарського та кримінального права (4)

Head of the Department: Candidate of Juridical Sciences, Associate Professor Nishchymna Svitlana Oleksiivna
Tel. (0462)77-51-80, 67-47-15, extension 117, 118.
E-mail: yur_fak_kafedra@mail.ru

The department of civil, economic and criminal law is a basic organization department of the law faculty of Chernihiv state institute of economics and management. The department is a rather young, but influential and competitive organization department.
The department trains students in the basic areas of national and international law. In the process of studies students acquire skills and abilities of legal propositions application.
The department of civil, economic and criminal law trains bachelors in the area of training 6.030401 “Jurisprudence”, and specialists of the speciality 7.03040101 “Jurisprudence”.

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