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Faculty of Law

Faculty of Law (0)

The main task of modern legal education is to train highly qualified lawyers, who are endowed with maturity of mind and independent opinion, responsible both to the society and their own conscience; to develop students’ national patriotism, sense of justice, constant striving for knowledge. It enables us to educate specialists, professionals who meet the requirements of the day and in future will be the pride of Chernihiv State Institute of Economics and Management.

Address: Chernihiv, prospect Myru 44 (in the territory of town hospital №1) Show on the map.

Tel.: (0462) – 775180

The Dean of the Faculty – Nishchymna Svitlana Oleksiivna, Candidate of Law Sciences, Associate Professor.

Deputy Deans:

  1. Smahina Liudmyla Ivanivna, senior lecturer;
  2. Doniy Nataliia Yevheniievna, Candidate of Sciences in Philosophy, Associate Professor.

Senior Dean’s Office Assistant (full-time mode of study): Bardina Olena Mykolaivna.

Senior Dean’s Office Assistant (part-time mode of study): Sokil Anna Yuriivna.

The Law Faculty was founded in 2000. Modes of the study are full-time and part-time. The education is contract based. After graduation students receive standard diplomas. The Law Faculty trains specialists in:

  • Jurisprudence
  • Social work

Educational qualification levels are “Bachelor” and “Specialist”. Training period for a Bachelor Degree (part-time and full-time students) is 4 years; Training period for a Specialist Degree:

  1. full-time students – 1 year ;
  2. part-time students – 1,5 year.

Above 500 full-time and part-time students currently study at the Faculty of Law.

Speciality description


Graduates receive basic higher education in law and will be able to work in organs of executive power, law-enforcement organs and establishments of justice, at enterprises and organizations of different fields, administration levels and ownership forms, holding positions of legal advisers, assistant judges, notary office consultants, state executive officials, tax office employees, tax police officials, custom-house employees, state financial inspection specialists, as well as officials in the organs of Internal Affairs and Security Service, in particular in organisations of economy protection from criminal encroachment, personnel departments, social protection organs, state registration service, and other positions requiring basic higher education in law.

Social work

Graduates receive complete higher education and will be able to work in the fields of state administration, information, education, social service, health service, law-enforcement and other fields of social work, holding positions of sociologists, instructors, consultants, advisers, secretaries in the organs of state power and local authorities; experts in labour market analysis, public and mass media relations, administrators, public assistance inspectors; experts in organisation and personnel matters, social and political issues consultant ( in parties and public organisations), secretaries in an association, union, federation, etc, social workers.

General description of the Departments

Currently the Law Faculty comprises four departments:

  • The Department of Civil and Economic Law – the head c.l.s., Associate Professor Nishchymna S. O.
  • The Department of Social Work – the head c.p.s., Associate Professor Topol O. V.
  • The Department of Ukrainian Study – the head c.philol.s., Associate Professor Zinevych L. V.
  • The Department of humanitarian disciplines – the head c.phil.s, Associate Professor Sutrin V. D.

The staff members of the Faculty are 57 lecturers, among them: 2 Professors, 22 Associate Professors, 33 Senior Lecturers and Lectures.

The Department of Civil and Economic Law and the Department of Social Work are specialised departments.

Organisation of academic process

Academic process is provided with modern equipment, it is organised and carried out according to requirements of the Ministry of Education, Science, Youth and Sports of Ukraine.

Students of the faculty are engaged in research carried out by the departments and supervised by highly qualified staff.

The youth civic organisation “Themis” functions at the faculty. The members of this organisation provide legal advice to young people free of charge. Within the framework of Faculty’s Students Social Service student volunteers provide practical social help to youth and poor people free of charge.

Psychological Service works on the basis of the Faculty. Its main objective is to assist students in their adaptation to student life, in developing professional competence in the conflict resolution process etc.

Students participate in sport, cultural and social activities, student celebrations such as “Faculty Day”, “the Funny and Inventive Club”, “Institute Miss” etc.

The basic level of pedagogical work at the faculty is tutors’ work. At the Law Faculty pedagogical work in student groups is carried out by 10 tutors, who are appointed from among experienced pedagogues. Tutors’ work is managed by the Deputy Deans on teaching and educational work.

The branch of Chernihiv State Institute of Economics and Management Library functions on the basis of the Faculty. Its book stock is above 23 thousands of titles and is constantly supplemented with published edition and electronic carriers.

Faculty buffet is located on the second floor. Students and lecturers are serviced with reasonably priced beverages, pastry and hot dishes daily from 9.00 to 16.30. About 30 people can be served in a buffet simultaneously.



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