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Department of natural Resources and Tourism

Department of natural Resources and Tourism (0)

Address: Chernihiv, Striletska st. 1. building 1, rooms 132-134

Tel. (0462) 5-66-97, 5-32-78 (4-50)

Reorganized from the Agricultural Department in 2011, the department trains highly qualified specialists in the fieldsof "Agriculture", "Forestry and Horticulture", "Tourism " The faculty includes:

  • Department of Natural Resources and technological security;
  • Department of Agricultural Technology;
  • Department of Tourism.

The Department has professors, doctors, 13 PhD, 6 senior lecturers, 12 lecturers. The faculty trains about 400 students from nine regions of Ukraine.

Areas of training and qualifications of the faculty

Training in a course 6.090101 "Agriculture," educational and skill level – bachelor is made. After getting a qualification of agronomist, graduate can work at agricultural enterprises, departments of agriculture, in ”Productivity”, stations of plant protection in the system of seed and sort probation, in scientific institutions of the Ukrainian Academy of Agricultural Sciences (biochemistry). In addition, soil expert can work in the service of land ordering and land assets.

In 2012 a new specialty "Forestry and Horticulture", (6.090103) educational and skill level – bachelor was licensed . One of the main objectives of foresters -sustainable use of forests, and expanded reproduction, the creation of new woodland in amounts exceeding their felling. Future foresters but for overall natural, humanitarian and economic disciplines learn discipline of professional training - dendrology, forestry, forest species, forest management, forest inventory, forest breeding, forest exploitation, and others.

Positions that can be held by graduates of "Forestry and Horticulture" special subject:

  • Managers and workman of production units in the forest industry;
  • Managers of small businesses without management apparatus in hunting, forestry, fisheries;
  • Technical director of forestry company;
  • Head of Forest Nurseries;
  • Inspector of quality control and use of forest products;
  • Consultants in the field of forestry;
  • Staff research institutions and others.

Expert in service sector "Tourism" (6.140103) are trained. After getting a degree of Bachelor of Tourism, a graduate can hold governing positions of state and industry of tourism management, and as the middle and lower levels of tourism firms of different ownership forms, as well as specialist research units, advisers of travel.

Areas of research faculty of Natural Resources and Tourism:

  • Justification of physiologically optimal doses of fertilizers in crop production technologies and the creation of biological products for plants.
  • Improving governance and management of sustainable agricultural development.
  • Development of effective adaptive technologies of growing flax in the Left Bank of Ukraine.
  • Improving the economic mechanism of regulation of land relations.
  • Setting up the market of vegetables and potato in the Chernihiv region.
  • Innovative management methods in agriculture.
  • Improving the formation of human resources in agriculture.
  • Evaluation of economic, historical and cultural potential, identification of areas of development and improvement of management of the tourism centre in Chernihiv region.
  • Ecological and recreational zoning of Chernihiv region.
  • Evaluation of recreational and tourist potential of Chernihiv region
  • Assessment of the economic potential of active kinds of tourism in Ukraine.

Department of Agricultural Technology does the research of the genesis and soil fertility, onion planting, soil reclamation, develops the measurements on increase of productivity of agricultural land.

The faculty created opportunities for academic growth of young teachers. While studying students get fundamental knowledge of social and economic, natural and scientific, economic, professional and oriented training disciplines. Students get profound knowledge of two foreign languages.

The teaching process is organized with the requirements of credit and modular system.

In order to approach the learning process to the production process the curriculum envisages production practices. The objects of the practice are the leading agricultural enterprises of the region, Ukraine and Europe. The practice of the specialty "Tourism" is held at the leading enterprises of tourist-hotel complex area of "Chernihivturyst", tour provider "Alta" and others. The best students have production practice abroad in hotels of Turkey, Greece, USA and Italy.

The Department of Tourism collaborates with the Chernihiv Regional Department of Culture and Tourism, Kyiv University of Tourism Economics and Law, Chernihiv commercial technical and citizens' associations City Public Rescue Service "SOS" and others.

An integral part of the learning process is a continuous computer training, which includes the study of computers and modern information systems and technologies, the use of new software products.

During the study, except for auditorium and laboratory facilities fund our institute uses laboratories of the Institute of Agricultural Microbiology, biochemistry, Chernihiv "Oblderzhrodyuchost", laboratory facilities of Novhorod-Siversk forest research station, the training base of Shchors Higher School of Forestry, the production base of advanced forestry enterprises of the region , laboratory facilities of the State Inspectorate for plant Quarantine, a base station of the Institute of Horticulturein the village of Yahidne, Chernihiv region, beekeepers association, Shestovytsa ahro and weather station.

The faculty constantly works on the organization of student recreation, which professors and postgraduates take an active part in. Traditional is soccer and volleyball cups, chess competitions, tennis, shooting, song festivals of the faculty, voluntary annual event "A drop of blood saves lives"; excursions to the most picturesque parts of Ukraine, meetings with interesting people.

The active stance for the future experts is created by the development of students’ government.

Considerable attention is given to the use of the preliminary training of specialists in agronomy - teachers work with pupils of relevant specialty schools of the first and second levels. Such measures are aimed on the high-quality selection of talented rural youth.



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