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Accounting and Economics department

Accounting and Economics department (0)

The department was established in 1993. It trains highly qualified specialists in the course of "Economy and Business" (bachelor, specialist).

Address: Chernihiv, Striletska St. 1, room number 324.
Tel.: (04622) 5-35-35

Dean - Maryna E. Yurchenko, Candidate of Physical and Mathematical Sciences. Tel. (04622) 5-35-35, room 324.

Assistant Dean (full-time education) - Natalia Vinnichenko, senior teacher. Tel. (04622) 5-32-78 , Room 208.

Assistant Dean (part-time education) - Valentina Hlyvenko, candidate of economic sciences. Tel.(04622) 5-66-85 (extention 4-61), 305.

Methodologist of full-time department: Lesia H. Bilous, Alina S. Murzina Tel. (04622) 5-35-35, Room 325.

Methodologist of part-time department: Lyudmila D. Lapko, Tatiana Strugova Tel. (04622) 5-32-78 (extension 4-99), room 303.

Structure of the Faculty

The faculty consists of three departments:


1. Department of Accounting and Audit, Head - Valentina Hlyvenko , Ph.D., associate professor.

2. Department of Economic Cybernetics and Informatics, Head - Vladimir Huriev, Ph.D., associate professor.

General and scientific departments:

3. Department of Mathematics, Head – Eduard P. Sidin., Ph.D., associate professor.

Number of staff members of the teaching staff - 38 people, including 16 PhDs, 18 senior teachers, 4 teachers.

General Information

Accounting and Economics department (previous name – Department of Economics) carries out training of specialists since the establishment of the Chernihiv State Institute of Economics and Management (1994).Today the faculty numbers 700 students of full-time and part-time education. The first dean was, Ph.D., Associate Professor Anatolii Melnyk. Since 1996, the faculty is managed by Dean Ph.D., Associate Professor Marina E. Yurchenko. The Faculty has already had 12 graduations of the specialty ' Accounting and Audit "and 7 graduations of the specialty" Economic Cybernetics ".

The Faculty has links with Kiev National Economics University, Drahomanov National Pedagogical University , Chernihiv State Technological University and Chernihiv National Pedagogical University .

The research work of the faculty is an important part of research activities of the institute. Our lecturers have issued about 20 textbooks approved by Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine and more than 250 synopses.
Specialities and courses of training

Department trains full-time and part-time students:

  • 6.030509 - Bachelor of Accounting and Auditing;
  • 6.030502 - Bachelor in Economic Cybernetics;
  • 7.03050901 - Specialist in Accounting and Audit;
  • 7.03050201 - Specialist in Economic Cybernetics.

Students of "Accounting and Audit" department are being prepared for professional work in accounting, control and auditing, economic analysis, engaged in audit activity, to work in enterprises of different ownership forms, as senior economists in accounting and control and business analysis, accountants , inspectors, auditors, tax inspectors, financial institutions, economists in pricing, they are also engaged in scientific activities.
"Economic Cybernetics" – is a specialty and scientific direction, covers the use of ideas and methods of cybernetics - science of economic systems. Within this the Economy as a whole and at different areas, enterprises, units is considered as a system which produces and processes of developing regulations and controls that are implemented in the form of movement and conversion of information.
The importance of training professionals in the specialty is determined by the need to provide a complex knowledge of computer technology, computer science, economic and mathematical methods. Graduates can occupy positions in various business units: economical, financial services, computer departments. The range of positions is very wide - from ordinary office workers to top managers.



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Chernigiv State Institute of Economics and Management was created with the order of the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine dated September 19, 1994 №641.

Ліцензія Міністерства освіти і науки України серія АГ № 582542 (рішення ДАК від 28 вересня 2011 року, протокол № 90)

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