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Accounting and Economics department

Accounting and Economics department (0)

The department was established in 1993. It trains highly qualified specialists in the course of "Economy and Business" (bachelor, specialist).

Address: Chernihiv, Striletska St. 1, room number 324.
Tel.: (04622) 5-35-35

Dean - Maryna E. Yurchenko, Candidate of Physical and Mathematical Sciences. Tel. (04622) 5-35-35, room 324.

Assistant Dean (full-time education) - Natalia Vinnichenko, senior teacher. Tel. (04622) 5-32-78 , Room 208.

Assistant Dean (part-time education) - Valentina Hlyvenko, candidate of economic sciences. Tel.(04622) 5-66-85 (extention 4-61), 305.

Methodologist of full-time department: Lesia H. Bilous, Alina S. Murzina Tel. (04622) 5-35-35, Room 325.

Methodologist of part-time department: Lyudmila D. Lapko, Tatiana Strugova Tel. (04622) 5-32-78 (extension 4-99), room 303.

Structure of the Faculty

The faculty consists of three departments:


1. Department of Accounting and Audit, Head - Valentina Hlyvenko , Ph.D., associate professor.

2. Department of Economic Cybernetics and Informatics, Head - Vladimir Huriev, Ph.D., associate professor.

General and scientific departments:

3. Department of Mathematics, Head – Eduard P. Sidin., Ph.D., associate professor.

Number of staff members of the teaching staff - 38 people, including 16 PhDs, 18 senior teachers, 4 teachers.

General Information

Accounting and Economics department (previous name – Department of Economics) carries out training of specialists since the establishment of the Chernihiv State Institute of Economics and Management (1994).Today the faculty numbers 700 students of full-time and part-time education. The first dean was, Ph.D., Associate Professor Anatolii Melnyk. Since 1996, the faculty is managed by Dean Ph.D., Associate Professor Marina E. Yurchenko. The Faculty has already had 12 graduations of the specialty ' Accounting and Audit "and 7 graduations of the specialty" Economic Cybernetics ".

The Faculty has links with Kiev National Economics University, Drahomanov National Pedagogical University , Chernihiv State Technological University and Chernihiv National Pedagogical University .

The research work of the faculty is an important part of research activities of the institute. Our lecturers have issued about 20 textbooks approved by Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine and more than 250 synopses.
Specialities and courses of training

Department trains full-time and part-time students:

  • 6.030509 - Bachelor of Accounting and Auditing;
  • 6.030502 - Bachelor in Economic Cybernetics;
  • 7.03050901 - Specialist in Accounting and Audit;
  • 7.03050201 - Specialist in Economic Cybernetics.

Students of "Accounting and Audit" department are being prepared for professional work in accounting, control and auditing, economic analysis, engaged in audit activity, to work in enterprises of different ownership forms, as senior economists in accounting and control and business analysis, accountants , inspectors, auditors, tax inspectors, financial institutions, economists in pricing, they are also engaged in scientific activities.
"Economic Cybernetics" – is a specialty and scientific direction, covers the use of ideas and methods of cybernetics - science of economic systems. Within this the Economy as a whole and at different areas, enterprises, units is considered as a system which produces and processes of developing regulations and controls that are implemented in the form of movement and conversion of information.
The importance of training professionals in the specialty is determined by the need to provide a complex knowledge of computer technology, computer science, economic and mathematical methods. Graduates can occupy positions in various business units: economical, financial services, computer departments. The range of positions is very wide - from ordinary office workers to top managers.

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Department of natural Resources and Tourism

Department of natural Resources and Tourism (0)

Address: Chernihiv, Striletska st. 1. building 1, rooms 132-134

Tel. (0462) 5-66-97, 5-32-78 (4-50)

Reorganized from the Agricultural Department in 2011, the department trains highly qualified specialists in the fieldsof "Agriculture", "Forestry and Horticulture", "Tourism " The faculty includes:

  • Department of Natural Resources and technological security;
  • Department of Agricultural Technology;
  • Department of Tourism.

The Department has professors, doctors, 13 PhD, 6 senior lecturers, 12 lecturers. The faculty trains about 400 students from nine regions of Ukraine.

Areas of training and qualifications of the faculty

Training in a course 6.090101 "Agriculture," educational and skill level – bachelor is made. After getting a qualification of agronomist, graduate can work at agricultural enterprises, departments of agriculture, in ”Productivity”, stations of plant protection in the system of seed and sort probation, in scientific institutions of the Ukrainian Academy of Agricultural Sciences (biochemistry). In addition, soil expert can work in the service of land ordering and land assets.

In 2012 a new specialty "Forestry and Horticulture", (6.090103) educational and skill level – bachelor was licensed . One of the main objectives of foresters -sustainable use of forests, and expanded reproduction, the creation of new woodland in amounts exceeding their felling. Future foresters but for overall natural, humanitarian and economic disciplines learn discipline of professional training - dendrology, forestry, forest species, forest management, forest inventory, forest breeding, forest exploitation, and others.

Positions that can be held by graduates of "Forestry and Horticulture" special subject:

  • Managers and workman of production units in the forest industry;
  • Managers of small businesses without management apparatus in hunting, forestry, fisheries;
  • Technical director of forestry company;
  • Head of Forest Nurseries;
  • Inspector of quality control and use of forest products;
  • Consultants in the field of forestry;
  • Staff research institutions and others.

Expert in service sector "Tourism" (6.140103) are trained. After getting a degree of Bachelor of Tourism, a graduate can hold governing positions of state and industry of tourism management, and as the middle and lower levels of tourism firms of different ownership forms, as well as specialist research units, advisers of travel.

Areas of research faculty of Natural Resources and Tourism:

  • Justification of physiologically optimal doses of fertilizers in crop production technologies and the creation of biological products for plants.
  • Improving governance and management of sustainable agricultural development.
  • Development of effective adaptive technologies of growing flax in the Left Bank of Ukraine.
  • Improving the economic mechanism of regulation of land relations.
  • Setting up the market of vegetables and potato in the Chernihiv region.
  • Innovative management methods in agriculture.
  • Improving the formation of human resources in agriculture.
  • Evaluation of economic, historical and cultural potential, identification of areas of development and improvement of management of the tourism centre in Chernihiv region.
  • Ecological and recreational zoning of Chernihiv region.
  • Evaluation of recreational and tourist potential of Chernihiv region
  • Assessment of the economic potential of active kinds of tourism in Ukraine.

Department of Agricultural Technology does the research of the genesis and soil fertility, onion planting, soil reclamation, develops the measurements on increase of productivity of agricultural land.

The faculty created opportunities for academic growth of young teachers. While studying students get fundamental knowledge of social and economic, natural and scientific, economic, professional and oriented training disciplines. Students get profound knowledge of two foreign languages.

The teaching process is organized with the requirements of credit and modular system.

In order to approach the learning process to the production process the curriculum envisages production practices. The objects of the practice are the leading agricultural enterprises of the region, Ukraine and Europe. The practice of the specialty "Tourism" is held at the leading enterprises of tourist-hotel complex area of "Chernihivturyst", tour provider "Alta" and others. The best students have production practice abroad in hotels of Turkey, Greece, USA and Italy.

The Department of Tourism collaborates with the Chernihiv Regional Department of Culture and Tourism, Kyiv University of Tourism Economics and Law, Chernihiv commercial technical and citizens' associations City Public Rescue Service "SOS" and others.

An integral part of the learning process is a continuous computer training, which includes the study of computers and modern information systems and technologies, the use of new software products.

During the study, except for auditorium and laboratory facilities fund our institute uses laboratories of the Institute of Agricultural Microbiology, biochemistry, Chernihiv "Oblderzhrodyuchost", laboratory facilities of Novhorod-Siversk forest research station, the training base of Shchors Higher School of Forestry, the production base of advanced forestry enterprises of the region , laboratory facilities of the State Inspectorate for plant Quarantine, a base station of the Institute of Horticulturein the village of Yahidne, Chernihiv region, beekeepers association, Shestovytsa ahro and weather station.

The faculty constantly works on the organization of student recreation, which professors and postgraduates take an active part in. Traditional is soccer and volleyball cups, chess competitions, tennis, shooting, song festivals of the faculty, voluntary annual event "A drop of blood saves lives"; excursions to the most picturesque parts of Ukraine, meetings with interesting people.

The active stance for the future experts is created by the development of students’ government.

Considerable attention is given to the use of the preliminary training of specialists in agronomy - teachers work with pupils of relevant specialty schools of the first and second levels. Such measures are aimed on the high-quality selection of talented rural youth.

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Faculty of Management

Faculty of Management (0)

Address of the Faculty :4 Bielova street, Chernihiv

Telephone: (0462) 671-151 (ext. 4-11).

Dean of the Faculty: Candidate of Economic Sciences, Associate Professor Ponomarenko Serhii Ivanovych.

Deputy dean – Candidate of Economic Sciences, Associate Professor Kundenko Alina Volodymyrivna. Tel. (0462) 671-151, ext. 4-10.

Deputy dean - Riabov Ihor Budymyrovych. Tel. (0462) 671-151, ext. 4-40.

Senior dean’s office assistant: Rubliova Viktoriia Anatoliivna. Tel. (0462) 641-151.

Senior dean’s office assistant: Sivel Olha Borysivna. Tel. (0462) 641-151.

Senior dean’s office assistant: Struhova Nataliia Mykhailivna. Tel. (0462) 671-151, ext. 4-40.

Senior dean’s office assistant - Radkevych Olena Victorivna Tel. (0462) 671-151, ext. 4-40.

Structure of the faculty

Faculty consists of 4 departments:

  1. Management Department.
  2. Quality and Projects Management Department.
  3. Foreign Languages Department.
  4. Physical Training Department.

General information

Nowadays successful performance of enterprises and organizations of the country, efficiency of entrepreneurial activity depends on the ability to manage available resources. The acceleration of socio-economic transformations in Ukraine is impossible unless energetic, talented, modern managers are involved in the economic activity of the country. The Faculty of Management is one of the leading faculties of the institute, which carries out training of highly skilled specialist-managers in the industrial sphere, tourist industry, spheres of projects and quality management , who are in great demand in the region, in the country and abroad. The Faculty was set up in 1996. It consists of 4 departments: the Management Department, the Department of Quality and Projects Management, the Foreign Languages Department, the Physical Training Department.

Specialities and areas of specialists’ training.

The Faculty of Management carries out training of highly skilled specialists in Management, speciality Management of organizations and administration (Bachelor, Specialist and Master's degree), specialization Management of enterprises and organizations of the industrial sphere, Management of tourist industry; specific categories of specialities:

  • Projects management (specialist);
  • Quality, standardization, certification (specialist).

All degree programmes are offered in full-time and part-time mode.

Speciality "Management of organizations and administration" Specialization "Management of enterprises and organizations of the production field" Qualification of Master's degree is Master's degree in Management of organizations and administration. Qualification of Specialist is Specialist in Management of organizations and administration. Qualification of Bachelor is Bachelor in Management.

Preparation of bachelors, specialists and masters is carried out on a budget and contract basis, without discontinuing work and work being discontinued. Training of specialists is carried out on the post-diploma form of studies on the base of higher education. Terms of studies for students on full-time programmes are: master's degree - 5,5 years; specialists - 5 years, bachelors – 4 years; on part-time programmes: specialists - 5,5 years, bachelors – 4 years; for post-diploma students: 2 years.

Graduating students acquire theoretical knowledge and practical skills in the wide range of both economic and administrative subjects. Economics, Micro- and Macroeconomics, Finance of enterprise, Economic analysis theory, and also a number of other subjects of fundamental preparation form the basic economic area of the future specialists. Professional subjects, in particular, Public administration, Business administration, Management of industrial enterprises, Strategic management, Information Management, Investment management, Innovation management and etc., develop administrative skills and ability to make economic and administrative decisions, actual for a specific production situation.

The graduating students of this speciality can occupy leading positions in the public and branch organs of economy management and can work as representatives of middle and lower level of management of industrial enterprises of different types of property. Their future job titles are:

  • manager of enterprises in the production field;
  • assistant manager of enterprises, establishments and organizations;
  • manager of manufacturing subdivisions;
  • chief and master of manufacturing subdivisions;
  • manager of functional subdivisions;
  • manager of housing and public utility services;
  • technical and trade representatives.

Specialization "Management of tourist industry" Qualification of Specialist – Specialist in Management of organizations and administration. Training of Bachelors and Specialists is carried out on a budget and contract basis, without discontinuing work and work being discontinued. Training of specialists is carried out in the post-diploma mode on the base of higher education. Term of studies for full-time students: specialists – 5 years; bachelors – 4 years; for part-time students: specialists - 5,5 years, bachelors – 4 years; for post-diploma students – 2 years.

Specialization "Management of tourist industry" becomes topical as there are many historical places in Chernihiv oblast which are worth visiting for home and foreign tourists.

Graduates in Management of organizations and administration, specialization Management of tourist industry are about to meet the needs of the tourist sphere (hospitality industry, excursion providing, organization of tourist catering, creation of recreational complexes, sport tourism and etc.) for modern highly skilled managers.

Graduates in Management of organizations and administration, specialization "Management of tourist industry" acquire theoretical knowledge and practical skills both doing traditional subjects of economic area (Economics of enterprise, Finance of enterprise, Marketing and so on), administrative area (Public administration, Business administration and others) and special subjects (Rural tourism, Extreme types of tourism).

The graduates of specialization can occupy next positions:

  • manager-reviewer of international tourist exhibitions and fairs;
  • advertising manager, travel agent;
  • dealer of tourist products export and import ;
  • manager of press-clubs and foreign representative offices in Ukraine;
  • manager in hotels, resort hotels, tourist centers;
  • manager of the entertainments system establishments.

Speciality "Projects Management " Qualification of Specialist – Specialist in Management of projects and programmes. Training of specialists is carried out on a budget and contract basis, on full-time and part-time programmes. Term of study - 1 year for full-time students and 1,5 for part-time students. Graduates get deep knowledge and practical skills in execution of the administrative functions of managers of projects and programmes of development of enterprises, districts, cities, regions, organizers of any investment projects in various industries of national economy, managers of international projects and programmes. Specialist in Projects management can execute such functions: 1) optimization of organizational and functional structures of enterprises; 2) management of contents, time, resources, purchases, cost of a project; 3)project quality management; 4) analyses and risk management in a project; 5) development of projects of reconstruction, technical retooling of enterprise, intensification of production, etc. Students will have a sound knowledge base and practical skills studying a broad range of subjects: An introduction to project management; Project management of regions and cities development; Management of project development of building and engineering industry enterprises; Privatization project management; Project actions planning; Project actions implementation.

The graduates in Management projects can work as managers and organizers of projects in different branches of industry of Ukraine, holding primary positions of manager of the programme or project, professional manager of the project, practicing manager of the project, and managers of international projects and programmes.

Speciality “Quality, standardization and certification” Qualification of specialist – specialist in Standardization, certification and quality. Training of specialists is carried out on a budget and contract basis, on the full-time and part-time programmes. Term of studies - 1 year for full-time students and 1,5 for part-time students. The graduates of speciality get deep knowledge and skills in the field of forming control system of products and services quality, in development of projects for providing quality during warehousing and storage of raw materials, goods, component parts and finished goods in various branches of industrial production. A specialist in Standardization, certification and quality can perform such functions: 1) to develop the structure of control system of products and services quality; 2) to carry out incoming control of raw material quality and the finished products and services quality; 3) to determine the plans of products and services testing; 4) to perform the certification of personnel according to the national system of certification and accreditation, and according to the standards of foreign countries. Students gain necessary theoretical knowledge and practical skills studying a wide range of subjects: Standardization of products and services; Certification of products and services; Quality control systems; Certification of personnel; Metrological support of production.

Graduates in Quality, standardization and certification can work as managers and specialists in Standardization, certification and quality in the structure of an industrial enterprise, the system of services and certification of an organization staff, to carry out the duties of specialists of industry of the international system of standardization and certification of industrial products quality.

The organization of educational process

Programmes are delivered by expert teaching faculty in a modern learning resource environment. 3 Doctors of Sciences, Professors, 20 Candidates of Sciences, 15 senior lecturers, Master of Sports have considerable training experience and are leading specialists in their subject areas. Various software products such as Project Expert, MS Project, products of Primavera, resources of the Internet are used in the process of study. Students undergo practical training at the leading companies of the region : Private joint stock company Chernihivska footwear factory "Berehynia", public company "Food company "Yasen", Chernihiv branch of open joint stock company "SUN InBev Ukraine", Private Joint Stock Company Worsted and Carded Company CHEKSIL, joint-stock company Sinet, open joint stock company "CheZaRа"; "Chernihivzhytlobudinvest" Ltd, open joint-stock company "Koriukivska Technical Paper Mill", closed joint-stock company Clothes Factory "Siverianka", open joint stock company"Bazis", open joint stock company "Chernihivsavtodetal", open joint stock company "Chernihiv Confectionery "Strila" and others. Students in Management of tourist industry are supposed to participate in practical training at the organizations of "Ukrproftour", and also in the representative offices of foreign tour operators. The students of the Management Faculty are provided with the most modern scientific and educational literature. Preparation of students is carried out according to the curricula, which are aimed at training of specialists, who meet modern demands and, first of all, needs of the market economy. During lectures, seminars, laboratory, practical classes various active methods of training (case-study, business and role plays, discussions, visiting classes to operating companies) are used. At the Faculty the credit-based system is practised according to the requirements of the Bologna Process, which allows to activate and stimulate studies, and also enables students to participate in research work. The best students get grants of the President of Ukraine, the nominal scholarships of Rector. The best graduating students are offered to take a post-graduating course and after that are supported in finding suitable placement opportunities.

Material and technical base

Two computer laboratories, equipped with personal computers and modern software, support students’ educational process. Specialists in Tourism have access to the sport tourism laboratory; laboratories "Hotel"; "Methodological room of guided tour and museum studies"; "Tour operator"; "Tourist information technologies and hospitality technologies"; "Restaurant"; "Bar"; "Food cooking technologies"; multimedia language laboratory. The educational-practical base of the hotel-tourist complex "Briansk" operates. For improving the quality of educational process lecturers use modern educational facilities, multimedia laboratory, equipped with modern personal computers and the corresponding software for educational process. English, German and French languages multimedia courses are organised. For realization of educational-training process the Physical Training Department uses a sport base, educational-training programmes and developments of individual plans of training; health-improving complex with a playing hall, a swimming-pool and saunas; two training complexes with multipurpose, trainer and remedial gyms, health-improving centers; students’ summer health camp.

Student clubs

More than 1000 students study at the Faculty at present, among them 466 full-time students, 368 students study by a government order. During studies at the Management Faculty students unite in various groups, take part in student clubs.

Sports, cultural and mass work of the Faculty. The basic features which characterize the state of cultural and mass work at the Faculty are: organization of parties for young people (Freshman Day , Faculty Day, Faculty open days), competitions of the funny and inventive(CFI), publishing of faculty student newspapers, organization of meetings with interesting people, excursions to the historical sights of the city and the country, work of a vocal studio, students’ participation in dancing, pop and rock groups. Among alumni and students there are members of the national team in track-and-field, boxing, weight lifting, football, etc. Male and female teams of the Faculty are the frequent champions of the institute in football, indoor soccer, basket-ball, volley-ball. Areas of sports work are: work of football sports groups; volley-ball sports groups; basket-ball sports groups; table tennis sports groups; track-and-field sports groups; football sports groups; athletics gymnastics; badminton sports groups.All not local students are provided with a comfortable hostel.

Creative collaboration and international activity

The departments of the Faculty set close scientific connections with Warsaw School of Economics (the lecturers of the Department take part in the programme CEUME Internaships and Fellowships for Administrators and Faculty in Poland), with public organization "Business - award foundation" (Austria/Ukraine) (programme of support of internationalization process of Ukrainian economy private sector ). Collaboration is supposed to integrate the system Business - award in the system of services of CSIEM, which are offered to the students and young specialists, in particular: permanent report about the terms of presentations, lectures and seminars of System Business - award and activities of CSIEM. The staff of the Faculty collaborate with the regional department of culture and tourism on passing practical training. On the French cultural center and French-Ukrainian association’s initiative Chernihiv State Institute of Economics and Management and French party signed agreement-project. According to this contract the French teacher, Mrs. Arlett Derivri was invited to the institute for the introduction of direct method of language teaching which assisted to enhance the prestige of the department and the institute as well. At the foreign languages department the representatives of American Peace Corps have worked twice and French specialists have worked three times. Meetings are regularly held with the representatives of foreign countries – native-speakers. Monitorings are popular with foreigners, in particular, on issues of prospects of Ukraine’s integration into the humanitarian European space.

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Faculty of Finance and Economics

Faculty of Finance and Economics (0)

Address: Chernihiv, Striletska Street, 1.

Telephone: (04622) 5-51-60 (extension 4-57)

e-mail: decanatfef@geci.cn.ua, remneva@dnet.com.ua

The Dean of the Faculty – Remnova Liudmyla Mykhailivna, c.e.s., Associate Professor.

Tel.: (04622) 5-61-60 (extension 4-89), room 314 (building 1).

Deputy Dean (full time mode of study) – Holub Volodymyr Markovych, c.t.s., Associate Professor.

Tel.: (04622) 5-61-60 (extension 4-46), room 314 (building 1).

Deputy Dean (part time mode of study) – Zelenska Olena Oleksandrivna, c.e.s., Associate Professor.

Tel.: (04622) 5-61-60 (extension 4-97), room 305 (building 2).

Senior Dean’s Office Assistants (full-time mode of study): Beskorovaina Iryna Oleksandrivna, Pydan Kateryna Mykhailivna.

Tel.: (04622) 5-61-60 (extension 4-57), room 312 (building 1).

Senior Dean’s Office Assistants (part-time mode of study): Shestakovska Tetiana Leonidivna, Klymenko Anastasiia Volodymyrivna.

Tel.: (04622) 5-60-64 (extension 4-97), room 305 (building 2).

The Faculty structure

The Faculty comprises four Departments:

  1. The Department of Finance, the head – Kaleniuk Iryna Serhiivna, Doctor of Economic Sciences, Professor.
  2. The Department of Banking, the head – Nikolaienko Yurii Volodymyrovych, Candidate of Economic Sciences, Associate Professor.
  3. The Department of Marketing, the head – Karpenko Yurii Mykhailovych, Candidate of Economic Sciences, Associate Professor.
  4. The Department of Economic Theory, the head – Tropinina Valentyna Borysivna, Doctor of Economic Sciences, Professor.

General information

The Faculty of Finance and Economics as an independent subdivision of Chernihiv State Institute of Economics and Management was founded in 1999 being separated from the Faculty of Economics. Students of such specialities as “Finance and Credit”, “Banking” and “Marketing” joined the Faculty of Finance and Economics that year.

The Faculty of Finance and Economics comprises three specialised departments (Finance, Banking, Marketing) and one general academic department of Economic Theory. The Faculty is one of the most important in Chernihiv State Institute of Economics and Management. 350 full-time students (18 academic groups) and 277 part-time students (16 academic groups) study at the Faculty at present time.

Specialities and areas of training

The Faculty provides training for full-time and part-time students according to the following educational qualification levels: Bachelor, Specialist, Master. Field of knowledge “Economy and business undertakings” Areas of training:

  • “Finance and Credit”
  • “Marketing”


  • “Finance and Credit”
  • “Banking”
  • “Marketing”

Period of studies

Educational qualification level “Bachelor” – 4-year term of study (full-time mode of study, part-time mode of study).

Educational qualification level “Specialist” – 1-year term of study (full-time mode of study), 1,5-year term of study – (part-time mode of study).

Educational qualification level “Master”, speciality “Finance and Credit” – 1-year term of study (full-time mode of study).

A short term programme is available for those who finished educational institutions of I and II accreditation levels (technical schools, colleges). They are enrolled in the second year of study (full-time mode of study) and in the third year of study (part-time mode of study). The second higher education (2-year term of part-time mode of study) is provided for students of “Finance and Credit”, “Banking” and “Marketing” specialities.

“Finance and Credit” as a universal area of training provides graduates with the opportunity of a great career choice in different areas:

  • financial services of enterprises and organisations of all forms of ownership and economic activity;
  • financial intermediation (investment companies and funds, stock exchange);
  • state administration (local finances, the Treasury);
  • tax administration and control;
  • off-budget funds administration (pension fund, social insurance funds etc.);
  • insurance;
  • banking.

Students specialising in “Finance and Credit” get thorough knowledge in Humanities and fundamental subjects, specialised subjects and General Economics subjects. The students study up-to-date information systems and technologies, acquire Internet skills using software “Project Expert”, “Audit Expert”, “Project Risk”.

Finance and Credit graduates will be able to hold executive positions and work at financial, tax, control and inspection agencies of central and local organs of state power and authorities, in the Treasury, financial branches of enterprises and organisations in different fields of economy and different forms of ownership, banks, insurance companies, investment companies and funds, exchange establishments, other structural organisations of stock, monetary and credit market infrastructure.

Students specialising in Banking acquire necessary theoretical knowledge and practical skills to carry out managerial functions in various areas of banking and financing activities. The department incorporates a training bank, where future bankers study up-to-date banking software and acquire practical skills required in banking practice.

Banking graduates will be able to hold executive positions and work as economists, financiers, financial managers in finance divisions of banks, enterprises and organisations, insurance companies, investment companies and funds, exchange establishments, other structural organisations of stock, money and credit market infrastructure.

Students specialising in Marketing get thorough knowledge in humanities and fundamental subjects, specialised subjects and general economics subjects, acquire professional skills in the following areas:

  • market research;
  • trade mark development and promotion;
  • sales of products;
  • development and placement of a product advertisement;
  • establishment and maintenance of contacts with firm’s clients.

Profession of a marketer as a new one is in great demand in the modern market economy conditions. Marketing graduates will be able to work as:

  • marketing analysts at enterprises of various types, specialising in different fields,
  • managers of advertising agencies,
  • brand managers (promote trade marks),
  • PR-managers etc.

Full time students of the Finance and Economics Faculty are able to get an officer rank at the Department of Military Training.

Up-to-date scientific and methodological complex of disciplines in all specialities has been created. Textbooks and periodicals are available in a sufficient amount in the institute library. The academic process is carried out by qualified teaching staff, 60% of them have a scientific degree and a scientific title. Academic year is divided into two semesters (beginning in September and February) Assessment of student knowledge is based on the credit-modular system.

Students of the faculty participate actively in research. According to the peculiarity of academic process student research work is carried out in a number of ways. A broad diversity of organisational forms (conferences, Olympiads, science contests) is very important for producing a creative atmosphere and attracting students to research.

Both full-time and part-time students take an active part in the work of Scientific Association of Students and Postgraduates of the Faculty. At SASP and science study groups meetings students are trained to participate in All-Ukrainian Olympiads in Economic Theory, Finance, Investment activity, Insurance, Tax system, Banking, Marketing, Regional Economics.

Student participation in All-Ukrainian Olympiad, held with the assistance of “Ukrsotsbank”, Round Tables and meetings with managers, leading experts of Chernihiv banks, and representatives of “Fresh Studio” and “Yevrotek” companies have become a good tradition at the Faculty. The following events were of particular interest to students: International Export Round Table on “Professional Development in the Field of Marketing” organised together with Fresh Studio company, Scientific and Practical seminars on “Effective Marketing Communications in Retail Trade” and “BTL Arrangements: anti-crisis measures of increase in sales” with the participation of Yevrotek company, Inter-University Round Table on “Monetary Policy in the Global Environment”, dedicated to 20th anniversary of Ukrainian banking system, All-Ukrainian Scientific and Practical Conference “Up-to-date trends of improving the present financial and economic policy”, International student scientific and practical conference “Youth of science”.

The most remarkable achievements of our students in research in 2010-2012 are:

1. Solomakha Mariana got a diploma of the third degree in the second round of the All-Ukrainian contest of students’ research works in the speciality “Finance, money turnover and credit” (2011) in Ternopil National Economic University.

2. Shchetinina Yuliia got a diploma of the third degree in the All-Ukrainian contest of students’ diploma works in the speciality “Finance” in Donetsk National University of Economics and Trade named after M. I.Tugan-Baranovsky in 2010 and won in the nomination “For the best economic effect of project suggestions”.

3. Martynenko Kateryna got a certificate for the first place in the nomination “For independence of reasoning” at the second stage of the All-Ukrainian Student Olympiad in Regional Economics (2011).

4. Omelianenko Marharyta got a certificate for the first place in the nomination “For a contemporary approach” at the second stage of the All-Ukrainian Student Olympiad in Regional Economics (2011).

5. Katrushenko Kateryna – got a certificate for the second place in the nomination “For critical thinking” at the second stage of the All-Ukrainian Student Olympiad in Regional Economics (2011).

6. Artiushenko Anna got a certificate for the third place at the second stage of the Vth All-Ukrainian Student Olympiad in the discipline of Insurance (2012).

Student life

A good system of student self-government, a net of interest clubs, dance group and a choir, sports sections have been organised at the faculty.

Students have an opportunity to spend their free time interestingly. They are engaged in different activities and participate in events and competitions, such as “Faculty Day”, “First-Year Student Day”, skits, “Institute Mister”, “Institute Miss”, different business and intellectual games, traditional sports competitions for students and faculty members, “Fights without rules”, “Autumn marathon”, mini-football Cup, checkers Cup, “Open Doors Days”, institute-leaving parties, interuniversity sports competitions and local contests. Students can improve their leadership qualities at the Faculty Success School.

The notable students’ achievements are:

  • Martynenko Kateryna got an award certificate at the local stage of the All-Ukrainian contest “The best student” in the nomination “The best Student Researcher” (2011);
  • Namolovan Kateryna took the first place in the All-Ukrainian beauty contest “Ukrainian Princess 2010” at the regional stage and got the title of Ukrainian Princess;
  • Lazorenko Tetiana won in the nomination “The best actress” in the local contest “StudHollywood - 2012”;
  • Stechenko Ruslan took the first place in the contest “Institute Mister – 2011”;
  • The combined faculty team “Shock” took the first place in the institute competition of the Funny and Inventive Club “Student Spring – 2011”;
  • Dudkov Oleksandr took the third place in Ukrainian Biathlon Championship among juniors (2012);
  • Pototskyi Kostiantyn took the first place in the competition “Institute Mister – 2012”.

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Center of post-diploma education

Center of post-diploma education (1)

Address: 4 Bielova street, Chernihiv
Telephone: (0462) 671-143, 671-142
Е-mail: cpo@gis.cn.ua
Director of the center: Candidate of Economic Sciences, Associate Professor Lebedynska Liudmyla Dmytrivna
Teaching methods specialist: Dovhopol Valentyna Pavlivna
Senior director’s office assistant: Horodyska Svitlana Serhiivna

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Civil Engineering Faculty

Civil Engineering Faculty (0)

Address: Chernigov, Belova 4 Street Tel. +38 (0462) 671-141

Dean: Tereshchuk Oleksii Ivanovich – candidate of Technical Sciences, associate professor.

Deputy Dean: Ihor V. Kornienko, candidate of Technical Sciences, associate professor,Tel. +38 (0462) 671-141, room 217.

Deputy Dean: Svitlana V. Kovalenko, candidate of pedagogical sciences, Tel. +38 (0462) 671-141, room 217.

Structure of the Faculty

The department is preparing for the full-time and the part-time in the fields:

  • Geodesy, Cartography and Land Management (Land Management and Cadastre, Geographic Information Systems and Technology);
  • Water Technology (Water Resources);
  • Construction (Building);

The faculty consists of three departments:

  1. The department of "Geodesy, Cartography and Land", the Head - Alexii I. Tereshchuk– Ph.D. in Technical Sciences, associate professor.
  2. The department of Water and Wastewater, the Head – Vasilii I. Shevel, candidate of Technical Sciences, associate professor.
  3. The department of Industrial and Civil Engineering, the Head – Sergii V. Zavatskyi, Ph.D. in Physical and Mathematical Sciences, associate professor.

General Information

Chernihiv State Institute was established on June 1, 2003 as the faculty of "Geoinformatics and territory management," and in 2006 it was renamed the Civil Engineering Faculty.

Up to date, four specialties train more than 700 full-time and distance learning students, 28 classrooms are assigned at the faculty in academic buildings number 6/1 and number 6/3, the total area is more than 1000 square meters of the institute auditorium fund. Surveying and geodetic instruments laboratories, photogrammetry, automation of geodetic measurements, hydrochemistry and soil science, physics and electrical engineering, specialized computer labs, laboratory of GIS technology, equipped laboratory of water supply and sanitation, building materials and structures have been created and are operating at present.

At the faculty disposal is a geodesic polygon, which is located in the sports camp "Fortune," where students get practical experience of surveying disciplines. The Faculty is provided with modern geodetic instruments.

In 2005 together with the Main Astronomical Observatory of Ukraine National Academy of Sciences, a permanent "Chernihiv» GPS-station (CNIV) was established and put into practice at the Department, and it was included in the Ukrainian and European satellite networks, in 2007 - similar to GPS-station- “Pryluky”(PRYL), and in 2011 -" Korop»(KORP).

Since 2005, the international scientific conference "Recent advances geodesy, geoinformatics and land management - the European experience" has been held and scientific articles have been published every year. Conferences are held mostly on a boat during the "fascinated" Desna trip.

Traditionally each year the institute holds scientific and practical conferences for students and teachers. The best students make presentations, joining to a research work. In 2005 the faculty organized and held the Student’s Scientific Conference "Youth and geodesy - 2005" for the first time in Ukraine, the participants were students from Ukraine and abroad.

Each year the teams of students of the faculty participate in nationwide competitions of the specialties and win prizes among teams of Ukraine universities.

To enhance the professional training of students and to expand the international relations the management department has established contacts and signed cooperation agreements with the Warmia-Mazury University (Olsztyn, Poland), University of Applied Sciences (in Neubrandenburg, Germany), Research geodesic, topographic and Mapping Institute (Prague, Czech Republic) and St. Petersburg State University of Railway Transport (St. Petersburg, Russia). In the framework of the Treaties since 2005 the students and the teachers’ exchange have been held annually during the summer practice. During practices, students become acquainted with the educational process of our institute and universities abroad, studying modern surveying technology and equipment, as well as visiting tour and participating in informative programs.

The Students of our faculty actively participate in the national, regional and local cultural and educational activities and competitions. Thus, in 2009, the student of the faculty won the all-Ukrainian inter-regional competition "The best student of the year". The next 2010, again brought the faculty of winning at the regional stage of All-Ukrainian competition "Best Student of the Year" and the first place of All- Ukrainian regional stage "Dancing with the teachers."

After graduation, our graduates can work as specialists in information servicing systems at urban and provincial departments of land resources, in the system of institutions "Ukrzemproekt", enterprises "Ukrvodokanal," construction companies and exploration expeditions, public authorities at all levels, BTI, enterprises which are engaged in a real estate assessment.

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Faculty of Law

Faculty of Law (0)

The main task of modern legal education is to train highly qualified lawyers, who are endowed with maturity of mind and independent opinion, responsible both to the society and their own conscience; to develop students’ national patriotism, sense of justice, constant striving for knowledge. It enables us to educate specialists, professionals who meet the requirements of the day and in future will be the pride of Chernihiv State Institute of Economics and Management.

Address: Chernihiv, prospect Myru 44 (in the territory of town hospital №1) Show on the map.

Tel.: (0462) – 775180

The Dean of the Faculty – Nishchymna Svitlana Oleksiivna, Candidate of Law Sciences, Associate Professor.

Deputy Deans:

  1. Smahina Liudmyla Ivanivna, senior lecturer;
  2. Doniy Nataliia Yevheniievna, Candidate of Sciences in Philosophy, Associate Professor.

Senior Dean’s Office Assistant (full-time mode of study): Bardina Olena Mykolaivna.

Senior Dean’s Office Assistant (part-time mode of study): Sokil Anna Yuriivna.

The Law Faculty was founded in 2000. Modes of the study are full-time and part-time. The education is contract based. After graduation students receive standard diplomas. The Law Faculty trains specialists in:

  • Jurisprudence
  • Social work

Educational qualification levels are “Bachelor” and “Specialist”. Training period for a Bachelor Degree (part-time and full-time students) is 4 years; Training period for a Specialist Degree:

  1. full-time students – 1 year ;
  2. part-time students – 1,5 year.

Above 500 full-time and part-time students currently study at the Faculty of Law.

Speciality description


Graduates receive basic higher education in law and will be able to work in organs of executive power, law-enforcement organs and establishments of justice, at enterprises and organizations of different fields, administration levels and ownership forms, holding positions of legal advisers, assistant judges, notary office consultants, state executive officials, tax office employees, tax police officials, custom-house employees, state financial inspection specialists, as well as officials in the organs of Internal Affairs and Security Service, in particular in organisations of economy protection from criminal encroachment, personnel departments, social protection organs, state registration service, and other positions requiring basic higher education in law.

Social work

Graduates receive complete higher education and will be able to work in the fields of state administration, information, education, social service, health service, law-enforcement and other fields of social work, holding positions of sociologists, instructors, consultants, advisers, secretaries in the organs of state power and local authorities; experts in labour market analysis, public and mass media relations, administrators, public assistance inspectors; experts in organisation and personnel matters, social and political issues consultant ( in parties and public organisations), secretaries in an association, union, federation, etc, social workers.

General description of the Departments

Currently the Law Faculty comprises four departments:

  • The Department of Civil and Economic Law – the head c.l.s., Associate Professor Nishchymna S. O.
  • The Department of Social Work – the head c.p.s., Associate Professor Topol O. V.
  • The Department of Ukrainian Study – the head c.philol.s., Associate Professor Zinevych L. V.
  • The Department of humanitarian disciplines – the head c.phil.s, Associate Professor Sutrin V. D.

The staff members of the Faculty are 57 lecturers, among them: 2 Professors, 22 Associate Professors, 33 Senior Lecturers and Lectures.

The Department of Civil and Economic Law and the Department of Social Work are specialised departments.

Organisation of academic process

Academic process is provided with modern equipment, it is organised and carried out according to requirements of the Ministry of Education, Science, Youth and Sports of Ukraine.

Students of the faculty are engaged in research carried out by the departments and supervised by highly qualified staff.

The youth civic organisation “Themis” functions at the faculty. The members of this organisation provide legal advice to young people free of charge. Within the framework of Faculty’s Students Social Service student volunteers provide practical social help to youth and poor people free of charge.

Psychological Service works on the basis of the Faculty. Its main objective is to assist students in their adaptation to student life, in developing professional competence in the conflict resolution process etc.

Students participate in sport, cultural and social activities, student celebrations such as “Faculty Day”, “the Funny and Inventive Club”, “Institute Miss” etc.

The basic level of pedagogical work at the faculty is tutors’ work. At the Law Faculty pedagogical work in student groups is carried out by 10 tutors, who are appointed from among experienced pedagogues. Tutors’ work is managed by the Deputy Deans on teaching and educational work.

The branch of Chernihiv State Institute of Economics and Management Library functions on the basis of the Faculty. Its book stock is above 23 thousands of titles and is constantly supplemented with published edition and electronic carriers.

Faculty buffet is located on the second floor. Students and lecturers are serviced with reasonably priced beverages, pastry and hot dishes daily from 9.00 to 16.30. About 30 people can be served in a buffet simultaneously.

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