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Complex subjects that are attached to the department. The department provides teaching of humanitarian disciplines:

  • History of Ukraine,
  • History of Ukrainian Culture,
  • Ukrainian (professional usage),
  • Culture of Scientific Language,
  • Oratory,
  • Business Ukrainian,
  • Rhetoric.

The aim of discipline “History of Ukraine”. The study of discipline “History of Ukraine” promotes to form within students scientific and adequate to reality of modern world historic consciousness. This course gives students the opportunity to get systematic knowledge about the essence of History, its main problems and modern development. Study of this course lets future professionals to rely so on historic knowledge as on common methodological basis, arms with the ability to use this knowledge in scientific and practical activity of future experts in service industries. The mastering of knowledge of History of Ukraine is vital factor of humanization of management activity and coincides with affection of tasks of educational policy of Ukraine, set by “The national doctrine of development of education” for XXI century. The knowledge of history of the country is an important factor of the active part of a person in social life, bringing up patriotism, consolidation of society for solving of certain social tasks.
“History of Ukrainian culture”: enrichment and enlargement of humanitarian education of students, forming of creative activity of future experts; this discipline gives an idea about stages of historical development of national culture, scientific knowledge, of all the forms of moral values, forms ideology. The main aim of teaching of “History of Ukrainian culture” is forming the system of knowledge about the main concepts of national culture in genesis of world community; return to the backgrounds of Ukrainian people and common values; orientation of youth on respectful attitude to the national and cultural achievements and specific of development of material and moral culture. The study of the course helps the young generation to get to know not only the history of Ukrainian culture and to be conscious of deep links with global community with more successful integration into the cultural sphere, helps to overcome alienation from more known achievements of culture.
The aim of discipline “Ukrainian” (professional usage) forming skills and ability of perfect use of Ukrainian literary language in professional sphere.
The aim of discipline “Oratory” is the general development of normative speaking skills of students; teaching of efficient forms of persuasive communication in different modern situations; formation of abilities and skills of oratory, development of public speech mastery.
The aim of discipline “Business Ukrainian” is to form the skills of perfect use of Ukrainian literary language in professional sphere.
The aim of discipline “Rhetoric” is common development of normative speaking skills of students, teaching the efficient persuading communication in different situations of modern everyday and professional communication; formation of oratory skills and development of mastery of public speech.

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