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The structure of the library:

  • Service Department (Head of the Department Bevz Inna Valentynivna.) includes the sector of cultural work, Branch № 1 (academic building 3 in Prospekt Mira, 44) and № 2 (Building 6/3 in Belova str. 4) It serves all categories of readers with scientific, academic and educational materials and equipment in the direction of the institute in lending library and reading rooms. In the library of the main building periodicals hall and computer reading room are opened for readers.
  • Acquisition department, processing and scientific cataloging of documents (Head of Department is Sharylo Svitlana Dmytrivna). The main function of the department is acquisition of the fund with literature in all disciplines and specialties according to the curriculum of the Institute. Acquisition department accepts and executes applications from the departments for books, checks funds and cancellation of obsolete literature. The Department is engaged in scientific classification of document medium according to the U.D.C. tables, the definition of keywords; organization, management and improvement of the catalog systems in electronic format, provides their technical processing according to the requirements of modern library science and practice.
  • Department of information and bibliographic work (Head of department Sidenko Tetiana Anatoliivna) consists of public service sectors and reference services. Information and bibliography provides news, reference and bibliographic and consulting service. Fund of the department includes reference books, textbooks and more. The department provides analytical processing of periodicals which come to the library, informs about new arrivals, organizes thematic book exhibitions and prepares bibliographic lists, bibliographic indexes.
  • Research department provides editorial and publishing training and organizes the issue of library publications, holds library scientific conferences and seminars, devises workbooks, planning and reporting library documentation, takes part in conferences, seminars, presentations of the Institute, organizes electronic fund library and others.

Research Library of CSIEM was founded in 1992. At the end of 2011 the fund is about 164,550 copies of books, magazines, pamphlets, newspapers and electronic sources in Russian, Ukrainian, English and other languages.

Scientific Library Services of CSIEM can be used by scientists, faculty, graduate students, students, staff, attendees of the preparatory department of the Institute, foreign readers.

Its activity is aimed at creating the necessary conditions for scientific, educational and practical work. Literature is selected so as to meet better the educational programs of the Institute, to support research work, to provide diverse selection of information.

Materials which are not available in the funds of our library are available to readers through interlibrary loan (ILL).

Visitors of CSIEM Research Library have the opportunity to work in the computer reading room of the library in the computer-aided mode. To improve the effectiveness of information service of users 30 databases are generated.

Library is connected with Internet, the reading rooms have Wi-Fi.

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