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Conference of the labor collective
Monday, 29 September 2014 15:46

September 30 is a Day of Ukrainian libraries

We congratulate the staff of the scientific library and its users on the occasion of the holiday!
The library has always been a collector, keeper and researcher of printed works - the eternal monuments of literature, and its devotees - faithful guardians and popularizers of the spiritual heritage of generations.
Libraries today are the informational, cultural, and educational institutions which make significant contribution to the development of the Ukrainian state.
We want to wish the library prosperity, and its staff we wish inspiration and fruitful achievements, good health and prosperity, faith, hope, love and wisdom in carrying out the noble mission for good of our native Ukraine.

Thursday, 25 September 2014 15:14

Scholarships for study in Germany

BAYHOST are scholarships for students and scientists from Eastern Europe. The program provides support for graduates of the universities who want to complete the postgraduate program at one of the universities in Bavaria. Initially the Scholarship is granted for one year and can be extended by a maximum of two (altogether for three years) after the filing of the proper application. 30 scholarships are planned, the monthly scholarships is 700 Euros.

Dear lecturers! The sector of distance training of centre of postgraduate education and extension of qualification will conduct the educational seminar "technologies of distance learning!" on 24/09/2014 at 14.30 - room. 301 (building 1, Shevchenko str., 95)
We invite everyone.

Monday, 22 September 2014 09:15

Weidenfeld scholarship

Weidenfeld scholarship combines scholarships for studying and leadership skills courses, offers graduate students and young professionals full funding of postgraduate study at Oxford. Scholarship is supplemented the comprehensive program of leadership skills.

Chernihiv Institute of Economics and Management celebrates its 20th day of birth on September 19, 2014. Institute made a considerable progress in a relatively short period of time and it took worthy place among the other universities in the region. This result is belonged to the professorial-teaching collective, people who are truly dedicated to their work. Collective successfully implements the boldest plans and ideas thanks to the purposefulness, strong creative energy, tireless search, high professionalism, ability to cherish traditions. So let always be in its walls a spirit of Creativity, Freedom and Intellect! We sincerely congratulate lecturers, staff, students and final-year students on the occasion of the holiday, we wish all of you the further realization of scientific and creative potential, new and interesting ideas, professional achievements, implementation of all plans and conceived projects, inexhaustible enthusiasm, inspiration, health, prosperity, happiness and confidence in the future!

Thursday, 18 September 2014 21:49

The charity event "The Strength is in Unity"

Dear lecturers, students, and staff of CNTU!
Chernihiv National Technological University announces the beginning of the first large-scale charity event - "Strength is in Unity!"
The purpose of the action is to obtain from each of the staff and students of the University of a Symbolic Metal Hryvnia. After the action the number of hryvnia coins should be equal to the total number of staff and students. There are almost 12 thousand of people.
The action will be from September till November, 2014. The charge of coins will be conducted in the academic groups and university departments.
Taking into consideration that CNTU is one of the largest companies and educational establishments in Chernihiv, so with the help of this action we want to give an example of the unity of Ukrainian nation
The fund will be used to help Chernihiv military who suffered from the antiterrorist operation.

Please pay an attention that we accept only metal torques!

Student Council, Student Union Committee, staff and administration of CNTU.

The plans for the holiday are:
22.09-30.09 - The "forgetful basket" (the anonymous return of the books by the debtors).
22.09-30.09 - The exhibition of the publications of librarians' ”The Library - A look into the future" (The reading hall of the periodicals publications of Central Library).
22.09-30.09 - The Exhibition of the books "Knowledge is a power, freedom and greatness" (the service department of central library).
22.09-30.09 - The exhibition of professional journals from the different fields of law, psychology and social work (branch №1, pr. of Mir 44).
22.09-30.09 - The Exhibition of the books "New Arrivals" (the central library, branch №1, pr. of Mir 44).
22.09-30.09 - The exhibition of Rating of reader's sympathy "Read" (Branch №2, str. Belova 4).
24.09-30.09 - The open review of scientific and educational literature "For students of the first year of study" (Central Library, Department of scientific bibliography).
24.09-30.09 - The open review of scientific and scholarly literature on specialty "Law" and "Social Work" (Branch №1, pr. of Mir 44).
26.09, 30.09 - The workshop weaving bracelets with the elements of national patriotic symbols (The Central Library, branch №2, str. Belova 4).
29.09, 30.09 - The tour to the Library for the first-year students (the central library, branch №1, pr. Mira 44).
30.09 - The action the "Own librarian". You can try to find a book on your own (the service department of central library).

We are waiting for you!
Sincerely, Scientific Library

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