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Scientific activities

Department scientific activities

The department organization of scientific-practical conferences, seminars, subject round desktops or other actions.

Annual organization of international conference “The latest development of geodesy, geoinformatics and land-management – European experience” (M.V.Mochel – doctor of Engineering; professor; I.M.Ivanova - doctor of Engineering; professor).

2011 – Initiative science-research operation was made. Recommendations for improvement of normative documentation VAT “Oblteplokomunenergo” by means of Shukhart’s check-cards (I.M.Ivanova - doctor of Engineering; professor).

Scientific student’s circles which work in case of departments The circle “Actual problems of water-cleaning” (I.M.Ivanova - doctor of Engineering; professor; O.O.Shevchenko – lecturer; O.M.Semaka - lecturer).

Scientific articles in professional issuings and conferences materials’.

  1. M.V.Moshel. A model non-uniform electric field in a nematic liquid crystal over a dielectric defect./Mol Cryst and Liquid Cryst 1990. V.193 – P.43-46.
  2. M.V.Moshel. Dielectormetry Studies of Intermolecular Interactions in Cyanobiphenil-Azomethine Mixtures Forming Indused Smestic-D/ Mol Cryst and Liquid Cryst2010/V.361 – pp.181-186.
  3. V.G.Burachek. Device improving for measurement direction of a water flow with using ultrasound./ Materials VII International scientific-practical conference “The latest development of geodesy, geoinformatics and land management - European experience” (Chernihiv, May 25-27, 2011)./ V.G.Burachek., I.I.Gladkych, O.M.Semaka./Chernihiv State Institute of Economics and Management,2011 – pp.104-108.
  4. V.G.Burachek. Measurement features of speed and the movement direction of a water-flow in three-measured space// V.G.Burachek., O.M.Semaka. Water-supply, waste-water and hydraulics’ problems. – K. Kyiv national university of construction and architecture, 2011. - № 57. – p.35-39.
  5. I.M.Ivanova. Designation of some parameters of constructions operation of sewage biological cleaning in case of temporal inflation of active mule. VI International scientific-practical conference “The latest development of geodesy, geoinformatics and land management - European experience”. Publishing house – ChSIEM. – 2010. – pp.181-183 (0,13 pr.p.)
  6. I.M.Ivanova. Research of optical aspects of environmental pollution. Bulletin ChSIEM № 42. – pp.270-274 (0,21 pr.p.)
  7. I.M.Ivanova. Rceiving and application of non-traditional chromic coverings with own microrelief. “Fundamental problems of natural sciences and technique ”. International scientific congress (Reports theses). St. Petersburgh, - International club of scientists; “Industrial ecology”. – 2006. pp. 37-38.
  8. I.M.Ivanova and others. The analysis of society’s level readiness to the development of ecological aspects of corporate public responsibility. Periodical “Standardization, certification, quality” № 6. – 2010. - (0,17 pr.p.)
  9. I.M.Ivanova and others. Chernihiv region. Environmental pollution. Development of ecological aspects in social responsibility. Periodical “Standardization, certification, quality” № 1. – 2010. – pp.10-13 (0,17 pr.p.)
  10. I.M.Ivanova, N.M.Denisova. Research of parameters of polluting parts in air of the forming equipment machine operatives in a working zone// Bulletin ChSIEM. Series: Technical science. – Chernihiv, 2007 – pp.106-111.
  11. I.M.Ivanova, L.M.Klintsov. The chromeplated threadprovodniks. Environmental and technical problems. Chemical industry of Ukraine. - №3 – 2005. – pp.45-47
  12. I.M.Ivanova, L.M.Klintsov. T.O.Usmanova. Some possibilities of production decrease of polikaproamidny threads and fibers. V International scientific and practical conference “Equipment for man-made fibers”. - №3 – 2005. – pp.45-47.
  13. I.M.Ivanova, E.K.Platonov, V.G.Bakalov. Possibilities of an assessment of ecological efficiency of hardware technological innovations. III International scientific and practical conference “Equipment for man-made fibers”. – Chernigiv.2005. – pp.250-254.
  14. O.V.Kovalov. – Possible approaches to a solution of the problem of an effective sewage disposal for the purpose of environment conservation/ O.M.Semaka, O.O. Shevchenko, I.M.Ivanova//Bulletin ChSIEM. Series: Technical science. – Chernigiv: ChSIEM, 2011. - №2(49). – pp.247-251.
  15. O.V.Kovalov. Possible approaches to a solution of the problem of an effective sewage disposal for the purpose of environment conservation: the collection of scientific works on materials of the 10th international scientific and methodical conference [“Protection of life and person’s activity – education, science, practice”]. (Kyiv, - 2011. March.17-19).// O.M.Semaka, O.O. Shevchnko, I.M.Ivanova// National Aviation University. – Kyiv:NAU.2011 – pp.316-321.
  16. M.V.Mochel, V.M.Popov, A.S.Klimenko, A.P.Pokanevych, I.I.Gavryliuk.// Liquid-Crystal thermography of flashpoints in products of electron equipment//Microelectronics (R.F.). Vol.36. - №5. – 2007. – pp.1 – 11.
  17. Y.A.Sakhno, Y.Y.Sakhno, U.V.Shevchenko. Decrease of size wear of a geniculate shaft of an internal combustion of the car//Zaporozhskiy National Technical University, OAO “Motor Sych”, National Space University named by Zhukovsky “KhAI”. Bulletin of the engine-building/Technical journal. – 2001. - №1. – pp.29-33.
  18. Y.A.Sakhno, Y.Y.Sakhno, U.V.Shevchnko. Load definition on radical necks of a crank//Bulletin. Chernihiv Technological University. Series: Technical science. – 2009. - № 42. – pp.85-92.
  19. Y.A.Sakhno, Y.Y.Sakhno, U.V.Shevchenko. Compensation of decrease of a geniculate shaft of an internal combustion engine under a load// Bulletin. Chernihiv Technological University №40 Series: Technical science, Chernigiv.2009. pp.114-118.
  20. Y.A.Sakhno, Y.Y.Sakhno, U.V.Shevchenko. Creation of the block diagram of the modernized system of position’s automatic control of the crankshaft in a hydrostatic leg.// Bulletin. Kharkov National Technological University. KhNTU. Collection of scientific works. Thematic release: new decisions in modern technologies. Kharkov: KhNTU – 2011. №9. – pp.99-108.
  21. Y.A.Sakhno, Y.Y.Sakhno, U.V.Shevchenko. System of compensation of dynamic instability of rotor knot in a hydrostatic leg.// Chernihiv Technological University. Series: Technical science, Chernigiv.2011 - №3 (51). – pp.42 – 48.
  22. Y.A.Sakhno, Y.Y.Sakhno, U.V.Shevchnko. Stabilization of a crank’s provision under a load in a hydrostatic leg.// Works of Tavriyskiy State Agrotechnological University.Militopol 2010. - №10. vol.9.pp.26-35.
  23. O.M.Semaka. Research of optical aspects of environmental pollution/ O.M.Semaka, Yu.V.Ivanova, O.O.Yaroshenko// Bulletin Chernigiv Technological University. Series: Technical science - Chernigiv.ChTU,2010 - № 42. – pp.270-274.
  24. O.M.Semaka. The possibility analysis to the updated system “water-oil products”: the collection of scientific works on materials of the 9th international scientific and methodical conference. [“Person’s life and activity – education, science, practice - 2010”].(Lviv, May. 20-21.2010)/ O.M.Semaka, Yu.V.Ivanova, O.O.Yaroshenko//Lviv National University named by Franko. – Lviv:LNU,2010 – P.125-127.
  25. O.M.Semaka. Resaerch of optical aspects of environmental pollution: the collection of scientific works on materials of the international scientific-practical conference [“The latest development of geodesy, geoinformatics and land management - European experience”]. (Chernihiv, May,25-27,2010)/ O.M.Semaka, Yu.V.Ivanova, O.O.Yaroshenko.// Chernihiv State Institute of Economics and Management. - ChSIEM,2010. – pp.153-157.
  26. O.O.Sytnikov. Efficiency of multimedia lectures on physics for students of engineering specialities.//Bulletin. Chernihiv Pedagogical University named by Shevchenko. – Series: Pedagogical sciences, - Chernihiv, - ChSPU,2011, - Issue 88. – pp.206-207.
  27. I.V.Shevel, O.M.Semaka. Application GIS-technologies at assembly and processing of materials of observation over level of ground waters.//Chernihiv Science time description. Series 2. Technics and nature: electron collection of scientific works. – Chernihiv: ChSIEM, 2011. - №1 (1). – 129. – pp.101-106.


  1. M.V.Mochel, O.V.Rohova. The way of identification of sources of a thermal emission in crystals’ samples IC and devices. Ukraine’s patent №77449, dated December, 15, 2006. Bulletin № 12.
  2. M.V.Mochel, V,M,Popov, A.S.Klymenko, A.P.pokanevych. Ukraine’s patent № 84808. The way of local detection the heat allocating defects in plates of solar batteries. Ukraine’s patent, dated November, 25,2008. Bulletin № 12.
  3. I.M.Ivanova. The patent for useful model – the device for definition of a dose of an adverse effect on the personnel of the air of production zones polluted by a dust: № 39915 dated March, 25, 2009. The act of introduction of scientific-experienced works dated March,18,2010- VAT Chernihiv “Khimvolokno”. License agreement № 15 dated March, 15, 2010, according to the declaration patent № 39915 dated March, 25,2009.
  4. O.P.Sytnykov. Patent for the invention № 85397 “The way of formation of a sparse crystalline of diffraction lattice”, dated January, 26,2009.
  5. The patent for the invention is taken out № 96242 dated October, 10. 2011. Bulletin № 19. 2011. “The device for spatial measurement of rate and the direction of a water stream movement”. Patentees: V.G.Burachek, I.I. Hladkych, O.M.Semaka, MPK (01.01.2011). GOIP5100, UA777288; 15.11.2006. According to the demand for the invention № a 2010 14785 dated December,09.12.2010.
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