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Monday, 13 February 2012 12:50

Scientific and research work.

The theme of the scientific and research work:

Improvement of Methodology and Organization of Accounting and Analytical Work in the Modern Conditions of Economy.

Category: Fundamental, applied.

Number of the state registration: 0111U002362

Terms: 01.2011 – 12.2013

Scientific Adviser: Candidate of Economics, senior lecturer Glyvenko Valentyna Vasylivna.

Scientific and research work:

  1. Glyvenko V.V., Movcharenkko V.V.” Analysis of milk production and processing in Chernihiv region”.(2010)
  2. Yermak O.I., Basenko O.V. “Accounting of payments by bills of exchange”(2010).
  3. Yermak O.I., Basenko O.V. “Depreciation of revalued fixed assets and accounting of their disposal”.(2010)
  4. Yermak O.I., Basenko O.V. “ Depreciation of intangible assets.”(2010)
  5. Klymenko O.M., Yermak O.I. “Use of bills of exchange for payments to contractors.”(2010)
  6. Yermak O.I. “Advantages of electronic reporting forms.”(2010)
  7. Bykhovets S.O. “Peculiarities of defining and accounting work in progress using different methods of calculating of cost production.”(2011)
  8. Klymenko O.M. “World experience of organizing financing in the field of Medical Service”.(2011)
  9. Polyakova O.V., Yermak O.I.” Areas of information technologies for solving the tasks of accounting for inventories.”(2012)
  10. Movcharenkko V.V., Glyvenko V.V. “Analysis of dynamic of Ukrainian car market”.(2011)
  11. Len V.S., Glyvenko V.V., Ignatova K.S. “RP operations with goods and their accounting”.(2012)
  12. Bykhovets S.O. “ Methodical approaches to the analysis of assessment variants of work in progress for different categories of users of accounting information”.(2011)
  13. Klymenko O.M., Klymenko A.V.”Adaptation of the conceptual apparatus of management budget accounting to the methods of product calculation”.(2011)
  14. Barbash G.I., Mostova M.A.” Historical aspects of the formation of bankruptcy institute in Ukraine”.(2011)
  15. Margasova V.G., Barbash G.I. “ The economic security of the region as the basis of providing realization of its interests”.(2011)
  16. Bondarenko D.V., Bykhovets S.O.” Problem aspects of accounting of tax differences”.(2011)

Conference proceedings (of the last two years):

Interuniversity Scientific Practical Conference “Historical, legal and socio-economic aspects of society development.”(Chernihiv, April, 7, 2010).

  1. Yermak O.I. “Electronic reporting.”
  2. Klymenko O.M. “Improvement of the financing system of budgetary entities on the basis of multifactorial mathematical modeling.”
  3. Poliakova O.V. “The influence of managing accounts receivable on the enterprises’ material costs.”

2nd International Scientific Practical Conference “Imperatives of the development of Ukraine in the context of globalization”. (Chernihiv, June, 4-5, 2010)

  1. Kuzmenko Ye. V. “Peculiarities of identification of subjects of taxation according to special conditions in agricultural industry.”
  2. Kozyr Z.I. “The role of economic analysis in the context of globalization.”
  3. Laptii T.M. “Solvency and its role in ensuring financial stability of banks.”
  4. Lemeshko L.D. “Classification of the major means in enterprise management.”
  5. Movcharenko V.V., Glyvenko V.V. “Analysis of milk production and processing in Chernihiv region”
  6. Bykhovets S.O. “Methodical and organizational approaches to the accounting and costs distribution of work in progress.”

3rd International Scientific Practical Conference “Imperatives of the development of Ukraine in the context of globalization”. (Chernihiv, May, 13-14, 2011)

  1. Movcharenkko V.V. “Analysis of dynamic of Ukrainian car market.”
  2. Bykhovets S.O. “Approaches to the assessment of work in progress for different categories of accounting information users”.
  3. Khalakhurda V.V. “Some aspects of formation of depreciation policy in farming enterprises.”
  4. Markova N.M. “Peculiarities of food industry investment.”
  5. Kudriiashko N.P. “Methodology aspects of accounting of production costs in the enterprises of housing municipal economy.”
  6. Lemeshko L.D. “Determination of fixed assets value for tax accounting.”
  7. Kozyr Z.I. “Effective forms of production organization.”
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